Old Favourites: Hoodoo Gurus – “What’s My Scene?”

“Where’s my Juliet, baby? Is it maybe my Midsummer Night’s Dream?”

Here’s a blast from the past for you, spurred on by some late-night watching of Music MAX and watching their top fifty classic Aussie rock videos. It got me thinking about mine, and if pressed I’d probably have to put this one from the Hoodoo Gurus up near the top. It’s hard to remember exactly where I first saw it, but Lord knows it was many moons ago. I do have a distinct recollection of seeing it listed on video jukeboxes everywhere growing up, whether that was at the bowling alley or wherever my family had decided to go for dinner that evening, even at the pub I was once taken to as a little’un – no recollection of what I was doing there, but there you are. My policy was simple: If I couldn’t have Metallica‘s Unforgiven II, then this would have to suffice.

Not that this was anything to do with second best – I absolutely loved this video. The mixing and matching through split screens was something I’d seen done by my old mates The Wiggles earlier on, but after finding out this video predated that I felt a little gipped! It’s a very fun video, unashamedly 80s in nature and quite cheeky – something the band were more or less notorious for from a video perspective. Look out for the priest, the cowboy and Dave Faulkner‘s mullet to end all mullets – pure class!


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