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FEATURED FRIDAYS – My Favourite Video: Tim Adderley

tim adderley live

Tim Adderley is an Australian musician, who is the drummer for post-rock legends sleepmakeswaves.

His favourite videos are Windowlicker by Aphex Twin and Everlong by the Foo Fighters.

Video clips were probably one of my first introductions to music along with my parents’ records. When I was about 5 years old, I lived in an area that only got (bad) ABC reception. I watched Rage every Saturday morning. I probably shouldn’t have been allowed to watch half those clips at that age, but for whatever reason, I got a real buzz out of it. Alice Cooper‘s Poison was a standout. Pretty risqué for a 5 to 7 year old at the time.

Later on in high school, I stayed up late to tape my favorite bands’ clips on my VCR and these days, I often watch them online with my girlfriend and/or friends over a few drinks at home. I still wake up on weekend mornings, turn on the TV and hope to catch an hour or so of new clips over coffee. I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite. I enjoy so many for all kinds of reasons, whether they’re clever, beautiful, shameless or just a band I really like.

Sometimes they’re just so bad, I can’t look away! I am however partial to a clip that’s a bit weird and makes me laugh. So based on that, I would pick the extended version of Windowlicker by Aphex Twin and Everlong by the Foo Fighters.

The extended intro to Windowlicker cracks me up every time. However it’s pretty extreme, so folks who’re easily offended should avoid the start (and probably the whole clip for that matter). From there, there’s a slick solo dance routine… and then it just keeps getting creepier in true Aphex Twin fashion. Everlong has always been a favorite Foo Fighters song of mine, and the clip is just great from start to finish. In particular, the giant telephone, the giant hand and when the characters morph into the band members, a guitar appears from under Pat Smear‘s costume and (the best bit of all) the bed turns into a drum kit!

Both these acts have other great clips as well. These are just a couple that came to mind. Overall, both had me hooked straight away and they’re both cool songs.

sleepmakeswaves are currently in the midst of a national tour. Tonight, they play the first of two shows at the Annandale Hotel. Tickets are available here

The band are also hitting up Newcastle, Melbourne, Port Macquarie, Brisbane, Fremantle, Perth and Adelaide on their “…and so we played everything” tour. For a full run of dates and ticket info, visit the event page here.


Watch This Now: Shit Sandwich – “Turdburgers”

“My boss is such a jerk, he makes me work-work-work…”

What are you looking at me like that for? Oh, yeah. That. Yes, friends, I – in all earnestness – am here to deliver a song called Turdburgers by an actual band that is actually called Shit Sandwich to your various orifices. I have already anticipated the questions from the floor, so I will delve directly into the most-common FAQ: YES, the video for the song called Turdburgers by the actual band that is actually called Shit Sandwich is 100% as ridiculous as you would expect.

So, some quick background: Shit Sandwich are a comedy-rock/garage-rock band based in Wollongong. Their pedigree is bands like Slow WavesCarpet and the just-as-charmingly-titled Kitten Death. Some context for the video: As has been documented on this blog, DZ Deathrays released a video a few years ago for The Mess Up. Earlier this year, Dune Rats caused a frenzy when their video for Red Light, Green Light was an homage to the aforementioned clip, trading in beer for bongs. Okay, up to date? Great.

Now, SS have decided to replace beer and/or bongs with their own turdburgers – McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Watching drummer Nik Russo attempt to mime along to the song is hilarious enough, but with a mouthful of burger it just gets all the more ridiculous and entertaining. Definitely not one for the squeamish, but definitely one of the funniest clips I’ve seen in awhile. Shit on!

Watch This Now: David Bridie – “Delegate”

“Close the blinds and lock the doors, those outsiders have thieving paws…”

Okay, I’ll admit. I’m a busy dude. I have places to be, people to see, songs to sing, articles to write, Tweets to send to random YouTube celebrities, videos to watch… there’s a lot on my plate. So, sometimes, I let things build up. I’ve been sitting on this new video from David Bridie, the veteran Australian songwriter behind bands like Not Drowning, Waving and My Friend the Chocolate Cake for a couple of weeks now. I just hadn’t gotten around to it until this week. It was at the top of the pile of roughly a dozen video clips and I only JUST watched it. This week.

Why am I telling you all this? More or less just to establish that yes, I am indeed a fucking idiot sometimes.

Delegate, the first video from David’s most recent solo album Wake, is one of the best Australian filmclips I have seen in a very, very, very long time. It’s a confronting, eerily beautiful and profound video. The likes of which haven’t been seen in quite some time. It’s a bold statement wrapped in cryptic messages and surrealism. The dialogue is displayed, rather than said out loud. It would disrupt the flow of the song. We find ourselves in an office, where an employee simply looking out the window and daydreaming turns into something gravely serious. This might take a few views to get your head around. It certainly did for me. I wouldn’t recommend you watch it at your own work, either; or if you’re somewhat sensitive. In any and all other circumstances, however, Y,WGAV! gives you a big, bright green light. Watch this by any means necessary. It’s vital that you do.

Watch This Now: The Postal Service – “A Tattered Line of String”

“Every time we kissed, I felt something that couldn’t exist…”

Yesterday, we discussed the 10-year anniversary of De-Loused in the Comatorium. We also happened to discuss the new March of the Real Fly video, which included some time at the good ol’ laundromat. Today, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of The Postal Service‘s only studio album, Give Up. Any self-respecting Death Cab or Dntel or electro-pop or good-taste fan has spent many, many moons with this record – so imagine the surprise and joy when the band reunited to re-release the record and head out on the road once again.

We also got to hear a song left on the cutting room floor from the original Give Up sessions, and said track has been given visual life thanks to the crew at AB/CD/CD. So, we mentioned the humble laundromat being the centre of focus here… and you’d better believe that we meant it! As soon as the load of clothes goes in, a serious lesson in perspective is given: What would happen if everything outside of the washing machine spun instead of the machine itself? Its surrealism reminds me a lot of various Flaming Lips videos, and even a little of the Battles video from last year for My Machines. Above all else, though, it makes me wish that there was more “new” Postal Service to give this kind of treatment to! A guy can dream. This will definitely suffice for now, of course. Just don’t get too dizzy.

Old Favourites: The Mars Volta – “Televators”

“They lowered a tow, that stuck in his neck to the gills…”

Here’s a ten-year anniversary that kicked me in the dick this week: The Mars Volta‘s debut album, De-Loused in the Comatorium. For all the flack that the band received in their later years, even leading up to the band’s demise back in January, a sold amount of said detractors can all agree that this record was – and still is – more or less untouchable. I mean, what a dream team! Rick Rubin producing. Flea playing bass. Jon Theodore on drums. Isaiah Ikey-Owens on keys. Need I say more? The album is an absolute punisher, the closest to perfection that the band ever got.

Only 2 singles were released from the album: Inertiatic ESP and this. The Inertiatic video was super-fun for its trippy take on the band’s extreme live shows, but I was always drawn to the subdued majesty of the Televators video. A mostly-animated affair, the video takes in what appears to be a post-apocalyptic city. The surrounds have been taken over by animals and something grand is forming… something bigger than you or I. That’s both metaphorical and physical, I should mention. The atmosphere of this clip is nothing short of incredible. For one of the more quiet moments of the album, it certainly knows how to delve into great levels of intensity. A remarkable visual interpretation, that serves as a souvenir of this iconic LP. Throw it on sometime this week if you get the chance. It sure as shit doesn’t sound like 2003. It sounds like the distant future.

Watch This Now: Ben Salter – “Semi-Pro Gamer”

“I’m employing every method you’ve ever heard of, I won’t be the victim…”

Straya! Have you guys ever come across Ben Salter? Dude is one of this fine country’s most underrated troubadours, formerly a geet-slinger for The Gin Club and now an endearing lone ranger. It’s a mix of warm folk and dark alt-country, a sound that’s at once uniquely harmonious and obliquely jarring. I really dig this guy, and now I finally have an excuse to be writing about him in this territory. I love it when a plan comes together, don’t you?

A couple of weeks back, he dropped a very nice video for his brand-new single, Semi-Pro Gamer. A collaboration with filmmaker Ian Pownethe video features starkly-shot, red-heavy footage of Ben himself, presumably from the perspective of his computer or console that comes into the equation via the lyrics. Blended in is stock footage of what appears to be both the creation of weaponry and the creation of vintage video games. I could have that all twisted, though; so take my analysis with a grain of salt. Whatever the case, I can assure that this is another great independent Australian clip that is just the right mix of darkness and light. I can’t wait for more of the same.

Watch This Now: March of the Real Fly – “Fossil Dreams”

Hey, look who it is! It’s them crazy kids from March of the Real Fly! Good to see these uke-swingin’ cutie pies at it again. They dropped another clip late last year, but it sadly came during our break period and I never got around to it! To quote Eminem: “Don’t think I did that shit intentionally just to diss you!” Anyway, I’m glad I took the 83 seconds it took to watch this video, and the several further 83-second blocks that it would subtract from my life there on out. Once again, these creative little dorks are on to an absolute winner.

The video revolves around the clothes-based antics of keyboardist/vocalist Anita Miles. She recklessly throws her washing on the line and it forms into her ratty bandmates, spreading their boy germs all over the place! She recklessly throws her washing into her local laundromat and it forms into a trio of singing socks! Can our damsel ever catch a break? Who’s to say, really. Anyway, for another tiny-budget affair and with such a limited timeframe to work within, I’d safely say that MotRF have done it yet again. Bless their cotton socks – although preferably not the singing ones. Fuck knows where they’ve been…

Watch This If You Dare: Buried in Verona – “I am Hate”

“Time is taking its toll on my mistakes, there’s nothing left of me…”

Oh, golly gee, another tough guy metalcore bro-out from a slew of drongos with “fuck” written on the back of their merchandise. Hooray! That’s exactly what my life was missing. Anyway, meet Buried in Verona. They’re a bit like Confession, who we posted earlier in the year, with one guy doing the “RAHH YOU’RE A SLUT” vocals and another guy – who, hilariously, in this instance is a bit of a dead ringer for Parks and Recreation‘s Ron Swanson – who does all the “ooh baby” vocals. Also, much like Confession, they’ve made a hilariously bad video. This must be the new trend!

There’s some kind of plot going through this whole deal, but I’ve got to be honest – I can’t make head nor tail of it. Something about finding a book or something? Who cares? THEY’RE SPINNING! ON LITTLE PLATFORMS! I saw Paul Stanley from KISS doing that back in March, so are BiV going for the cock-rock market? Also, holy SHIT at Ron Swanson’s little fists of anger. Just look at him GO! What conviction! He’s just bro-ing out so hard, it’s truly a sight to see. Can I keep him? Please? He followed me home!

Ahh, where was I?

Oh, yeah, something about this video. Seriously, it’s just hilarious. I can’t believe this went through an entire production team without a single person going “Wait a sec, guys, won’t this video make the band look like insufferable douche-canoes?” Guess not. How about that?

Old Favourites: Kate Ceberano – “Pash”

“Come back into bed, babe, turn off the phone…”

I have no idea why this one came to me the other day, but it somehow ended up in my head for an entire day so I had to go and seek out the video. Kate Ceberano, for those of you playing at home, was a teen pop star in the 80s through her work in the band I’m Talking. She had a handful of hits as a solo act, but the timing of my birth meant I missed most of them. This one landed at just the right time, though. It’s fascinating that it became such a hit for her, given she was in her thirties at the time of release – by no means old, but if you’re a teen musician then it’s certainly considered “past your prime.”

Perhaps Kate was pre-empting the whole cougar thing? Who knows. All I knew was this video was sexy as hell when I was watching it growing up. The single-entendre sexuality of the song hadn’t quite sunk it yet – I genuinely thought the bed in that lyric posted above was just for sleeping. Still, I was immersed in this world of extreme close-ups, cool suits and a brassy, bold woman who wasn’t going into her thirties without a fight.

Watch This Now: The Uncluded – “The Aquarium”

“Cow of the sea, worlds outside your window stationing…”

So, let me guess. If you’ve been paying any attention in 2013, you’d have noticed two acts keep on popping up. The first is The Lonely Island, the comedy rap kings who just dropped The Wack Album and have given us a slew of outstanding videos to go along with the whole shebang. The other is The Uncluded, who I’m sure you’re more than familiar with by now. Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson have already proven themselves to be the most creative force in hip-hop this year in terms of music videos – and, hell, as long as they keep providing videos as awesome as Earthquake and Delicate Cycle, they’ll keep appearing here.

The latest video treatment is for the song The Aquarium, which fans will note from tours a few years back thanks to the refrain of “please don’t tap on the glass.” It’s a song that attempts to delve into the psyche of the weird and wonderful creatures that exist beyond that aforementioned aquarium glass. Naturally, the video does the same – Aesop and Kimya both play psychiatrists that visit and speak to the sea creatures. Their anxieties and fears are then given human form, which is both sweet and strikingly dark. I didn’t expect the video to quite end up like this, but I’m so very glad that it did. Hell, at this stage I would only be satisfied if we got a video for every track on Hokey Fright – and who knows, it could well happen!

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