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Watch This Now: Kimbra – “Cameo Lover”

“You turn from the skies, you dance with your demise…”

Holy freaking shit. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not a man to make rash decisions, or overexaggerate too often. With that said, I just need to blurt this out: I think I may have seen the video of the year, the video of the decade and the most amazing thing I will see for the rest of my life. Ladies and gentlemen, please experience the bedazzling, sensational new video for expatriate Kiwi sensation Kimbra.

What can I say? Cameo Lover is gaymazing. Absolutely everything about it is gorgeous, bright and mesmerising. From Kimbra’s adorable red dress to her slew of tiny backing dancers, right up to the tambourines and the stunning choreography, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with this video. While her last video, Settle Down, was quite a dark affair, its sequel couldn’t be more fabulously bright if it tried. Ahh, confetti! Dancing! Multi-coloured suits! This is an absolute stunner, breataking in parts and just downright wonderful in others.

This is all just pure hyperbole to you, and you have every right to ignore everything I’ve written here. Except this: Watch this now, as soon as you possibly can. Kimbra is the future of Australasian pop.

(don’t forget to watch in HD!)

Watch This Now: Seabellies – “Board the Apartment Up”

“The night is dark, but lights could find us…”

And we’ll wind up today’s posting with a lovely Novocastrian sextet that I’ve taken quite the shining to over the past few months. They’re called Seabellies, and their latest video sees them spread out across different spots of an apartment, playing their part of the song and just chilling out. I’m not quite sure why I like this so much, but I think it’s got something to do with not only the simplicity of it all, but the contrast. All six of them are seemingly disconnected with one another, and yet there they are – all playing the same song, together. I dunno, I guess I think it’s kind of sweet, in a way. Seabellies are some fine up-and-comers, and I hope to see more cool videos from them like this in the not too distant future.

Old Favourites: Metallica – “One”

“Darkness, imprisoning me, all that I see, absolute horror…”

I think we all deserve a bit of Metallica for lunch, wouldn’t you agree? As I’m writing this, I am literally eating Weet Bix for lunch – so I figured the faithful half-dozen readers of this blog deserved something a little tastier. This is the first time I’ve ever featured ‘Tallica on my blog, so I figured what better place to debut them than with their very first video?

One was seen as quite a ballsy move at the time by the band. A few albums in, many accused them of “selling out” by making a video – probably as many people that think that the band “sold out” with The Black Album. The reality of the situation, however, is that this was far more than a black-and-white performance video. One is a brilliant reflection on the song, particularly the mood and the intensity of it all. It’s a mix of the band jamming out the song (love the guitar close-ups in particular) and footage from the film Johnny Got His Gun. It can get downright disturbing at times, as the band soundtrack the central character’s downfall into madness. Complete nightmare material for me growing up – but now that the bedbugs don’t bite as badly as they used to, I can fully appreciate the genius of this video.

Watch This If You Dare: Illy feat. Oliver Daysoul – “The Chase”

“Everything comes to those who hustle while they wait…”

I’d like to think I have a fairly solid belief in the abilities of Australian hip-hop. I’ve been both amazed and inspired by acts like Hilltop Hoods and Bliss N Eso rising up to ridiculous levels of popularlity, and have really connected with releases by Urthboy, Drapht, Downsyde and Dialectrix, amongst others. One act that I’ve found absolutely no connection with, however, is Melbourne’s Illy. He’s had two spots in the Hottest 100, collaborated with Owl Eyes and developed a fairly strong following. When I hear his music, however, I feel…nothing. I don’t hate him personally, nor do I completely abhor his music. But there’s essentially nothing going on in his music – at least that I can engage and connect with.

Illy doesn’t have a particularly interesting story to tell, which would certainly explain why he has to fill nearly all of his songs with cliches and psuedo-inspirational crap that one might find on the cutting room floor of one of the later Rocky films. It takes a very special kind of rapper to move from a priviledged background into something that prides itself on struggle so much as the art-form of hip-hop; and I honestly don’t believe Illy has it in him. He’s just a law student that caught a lucky break – and his latest video for The Chase essentially proves it.

This dull pastiche basically throws together footage of Illy walking around in his hoodie, mumbling his little rhymes interspersed with live footage that doesn’t exactly leave one inspired. That’s not exactly helpful when the song you’ve got in the background is essentially a self-help book squashed into three minutes. Honestly, the guy should just give up the ghost – degree or no degree, he’s no better than the party-boy bogans that plagued Aussie hip-hop not too long ago like Pez and 360. He’s going to keep getting more and more successful, and more power to him  – I just honestly don’t feel like it will be deserved.

Old Favourites: The Chariot – “Daggers”

“War is only skin deep, war is only skin deep…”

Tonight is a very huge night for hardcore in Wollongong, my local city. Tonight’s the night that the No Surrender tour comes to town – and while seeing bands like Oh Sleeper, I Am Villain, Mary Jane Kelly and the recently blogged about Totally Freaking Unicorn, there’s one band that I simply can’t contain my excitement about. They’re called The Chariot, and I’m about to show you one of their monstrous music videos.

That wasn’t merely an expression, by the way. In this video, for a track from their Wars and Rumors of Wars record, literally portrays the band as terrifying, city-destroying monsters. Given, it’s very cartoony and very obviously a caricature. That said, it’s often what the band’s music feels like – destructive and terrifying. It’s certainly reflective of the band’s energy, which also apparently translates into an absolutely mental live show. I, for one, cannot wait to experience this insanity live. Get amongst it, mosh kids.

The Cringe: Joel Turner and the Modern Day Poets feat. Anthony “The Man” Mundine – “Knock U Out”

“Yo, it’s the man Mundine! You think my rapping’s a joke?”

Today, I’d like to take you back to a very, very unfortunate time in the history of Australian pop music. This takes place just after the first season of Australian Idol. Guy Sebastian may have come out the victor, but that didn’t mean a slew of finalists didn’t also get to release albums – as a matter of fact, a tonne of bands were kicked off Sony to make way for these tosspots. We’re talking acts like Shannon Noll, Cossima deVito, Rob Mills etc. One that we’re going to focus on today was a kid who didn’t even sing, but beatboxed in his audition – a sixteen year old kid called Joel Turner.

The novelty was there – ooh, look at all the funny noises he can make. That’s cute. But then, things got out of hand. He had a number one bogan anthem with These Kids, followed by a fucking album with a couple of his hoodrat mates that made up The Modern Day Poets. THEN, at the peak of awful, this happened. Anthony “The Man” Mundine attempted to rap. Now, some pretty terrible things happened in the decade past, but this has to rank amongst one of the worst ones, surely.

The whole thing is set in a boxing ring, naturally. The pure cheese aside – look, the ring girl is holding up “VERSE 1” instead of “ROUND 1” o lol – the whole video is just embarrassing. The gratuitous dancing girls, the tough-guy posing into the camera, the hideous boxing/beatboxing metaphors…oh, and let’s not forget the close-ups of Joel going boom-cha boom-cha. Just delightful stuff, really. So, ladies and gentlemen, here is Knock U Out in all of its hideous glory. I apologise for ruining your life. Again.

Watch This Now: Dananananaykroyd – “Muscle Memory”

“Play along, ’cause I know the chords…”

They’re baaaaaaack! Fresh from being announced for 2011’s Splendour in the Grass lineup, we now know that those hyper Scotish kids Dananananaykroyd are back in action! There’s a new album on the way, entitled There is a Way. We also have a brand spanking new single and video to go with it. If you think the band have been slacking off lately, you’re about to be proven dead wrong.

Truth is, they’ve been hard at training, as evidenced here. Give them some colourful tracksuits, some equipment and their instruments and they’re pretty much ready to go. Especially impressive is the band’s drummer, who not only learns to play upside down but also attempts to play with two weights attached to his arms and helium balloons attached to his leg. That is goddamn dedication to your art! I respect that very much. Anyway, There is a Way is out June 16. Get excited.

Watch This Now: Mousey feat. MC KC-B – “Mouse in Da House”

“Is there a mouse in da house? Mousey! Mousey!”

Over the past five weeks, most of my household – and, I’m sure, many others – have been enjoying Adam Hills at the helm of the show he was pretty much born to host – Adam Hills in Gordon St. Tonight. A light, fun and very well concocted talk show, Hillsy’s charm and rapport with the audience is unlike anyone else in Australian comedy/entertainment. After picking up on a toy that an audience member slept with every night, Mousey, the toy became somewhat of a cult icon of the show – it now has more Facebook fans than the show itself! For one last hurrah, the writer of Keating!, Casey Bennetto, has put together a very cute and funny video for Mousey’s new “single.”

This is worth a look for any fan of the show. There’s plenty of cameos – Hillsy, of course, as well as Dave O’Neil and Hannah Gadsby are in there. But really, to watch that little mouse drink everyone in the club under the table is worthy of everyone’s time. Ever. No lie. Also, it’s all for a good cause – buying Mouse in Da House on iTunes will see proceeds go directly to the Red Cross. It’s a great cause, so get amongst it and have a bit of a laugh with Australia’s most lovable mouse – hit the road, Mickey…

Watch This Now: Art vs. Science – “A.I.M. Fire!”

“Yo, be-bop and rock-steady never won a war!”

More from the brilliant imaginations of Art vs. Science, who have been making significant waves already this year with the release of their debut album The Experiment. Following a completely sold out tour last year, the guys will be back on the road in July playing their biggest shows ever – but not before unleashing this slice of virtual insanity for their new single A.I.M. Fire!

Well, what can you say about this video? If you thought their previous efforts of mime wars, old men with wicked sound systems and medieval battles was crazy enough, wait until you see the stops they’ve pulled out for this one. There’s lazers, tuxedos, singing socks, a dancing robot, kids running in their PJs…a myriad of totally crazy stuff that comes together in this strangely beautiful mess. In fact, the only trend it keeps in touch with their previous videos is the fact that the band themselves only make an appearance halfway through, seemingly manning some spaceship by the sheer force of their electro-rock. Seriously, dude, just watch it. This one is fuckloads of fun.

Watch This Now: Death Cab for Cutie – “You Are a Tourist”

“If you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born, then it’s time to go… “

Hey gang! Busy, busy week here on the blog – going to endeavour to pick up the slack from weeks prior and give as much effort as I can to this here blog. We’re going to kick off with an amazing new effort from one of my favourite bands ever. Death Cab for Cutie have a new album out next month, entitled Codes and Keys. It’s the longest time we’ve had to wait for a new DCfC record ever – the last album, Narrow Stairs, came in 2008. If what we’ve got here is anything to go by, however, then we’re in for another classic from the band.

This is a very special video for the band, as they’ve managed to pull together quite a brilliant concept. This, for all intents and purposes, is a live video – it was done in one take, with no edits or overdubs. Everything you see in that five minutes happened all in the one go. The lights, the dancing, the choreography, the works. Pretty damn cool, no?

It premiered live and as it was happening a couple of weeks ago, but the band have finally released the take as the official video. I’m completely in love with it – they’ve nailed this one out of the park. Take a look below and see if you can wholly appreciate the effort that’s gone into this. There’s a good chance we’re not gonna see another video quite like it this year.

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