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Y,WGAV! returns in September.

Hey gang,

So after a little bit of soulsearching (read: wankery), I’ve made the decision to give the blog a bit of a rest for this month.

I’m currently in my last semester at uni, as well as writing for a new Nothing Rhymes With David release in October, and with these things eating up my time in addition to various freelancing work, I just haven’t been able to give this blog the time that it needs. In the coming weeks, I shall be drafting plenty of blog entries and hopefully lining up some awesome guests to be a part of the blog, but in the meantime don’t expect anything new or exciting to pop up in between now and Monday, September 5th, when I will (hopefully) have Y,WGAV! firing on all cylinders.

Thanks for reading – really, even if you’ve just randomly clicked across, it means so much to me that you’re reading my stuff. Bless you.



BACK ON 5/9/11, 9AM!

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