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Takin’ 5: Must-See at Peats Ridge

This will be my very last post of the year! Tomorrow I’m heading up to the Peats Ridge festival with a friend, and it looks like it’s going to be an amazing couple of days of peace, love and music. I’m really excited to see a few of these musicians, so I’ve decided to put together a top five of my favourite videos from my favourite Peats artists.

5. PVT – Window

Take a walk on the wildside with one of the coolest bands in the country and their first video under their new, vowel-less name. It’s one thing to shoot a live performance video, but to do one as a point-of-view piece with cameras on the band’s fucking heads is just plain awesome.

4. Parades – Loserspeak in New Tongue

Inspired, beautiful, one of a kind. Parades have to be the best band in Australia right now. This video perfectly reflects that.

3. Dan Mangan – Robots

In case you didn’t know, I’m juuuuust a little obsessed with Dan Mangan and his wonderful ways. Of the videos he made for the Nice, Nice, Very Nice record, I think I love this one the most – a hilarious take on 80s gang movies with an adorable twist.

2. Washington – Rich Kids

The reigning pop goddess of Australian music, move the fuck out of the way Debutt Mauboy. We got zombies, we got piano, we got one very sexy party up in this bitch. Please get amongst it! For the good of the land!

1. Lightspeed Champion – Galaxy of the Lost

Sadly, I’ve just heard that Dev is having trouble getting out of New York. I really hope he gets here in time, though – I’ve been waiting years to finally see him live! This video best sums up his creativity, his imagination and his overall brilliance.

See you all in 2011, and thank you SO much for your support this year!



Watch This Now: Baker Trouble feat. Brotha May and Micachu – “Fine”

“Never ever mind, as long as everything stays fine…”

Just when I thought I was safe for the rest of the year, my old friend Mica Levi – best known as Micachu – whacks this up on her page, not only introducing me to two of the best new MCs I’ve heard in quite some time, but also putting together a very cool low-budget video very much worthy of your attention.

The three people involved in the song – Mica, Baker Trouble and Brotha May, essentially spend the entire video getting ready to escape into yet another nine-to-five. Suited up around the breakfast table, they rap about their struggles as some rough imagery comes through – particularly for Mica, who cuts herself shaving and is seen drinking what appears to be whiskey first thing in the morning.

This is exactly the kind of hip-hop I’m into right now – no polish, no friendliness, just nasty music with a resonating message for all who listen. A really clever, interesting video – definitely going to check out more of these guys in 2011!

Watch This If You Dare: Train – “Shake Up Christmas”

“Wake up the happiness, shake up the happiness, it’s Christmas time…”

Didn’t think the whole “Train are back and there’s nothing you can do about it” situation could get a whole lot worse? Man, you just weren’t thinking hard enough, were you? They’ve now taken Coca Cola’s Open Happiness song and turned it into a fucking pop-reggae Christmas song. Let’s just let that sentence itself marinate for just a few seconds…and now onto the video.

It starts out the front of a Train gig with lead leatherface Pat Monaghan saying “ho ho ho” – creepy on the best of days, right? It then sees Santa fuck everything up with his crystal ball that apparently shifts the dynamics of earth itself when it’s shaken. Cute girl in need of tickets falls into cute boy with spare ticket. People outside the “sold out” show – shyeah, right! – have the gate knocked over so they can crash the gig. It’s all sickly sweet and the exact kindof self-grandeurising shit that both Train and Coca-Cola would be into. Sadly no subliminal advertising, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Old Favourites: Paul Kelly – “How to Make Gravy”

“Just add flour, salt, a little red wine and don’t forget a dollop of tomato sauce for sweetness and that extra tang…”

Paul Kelly is a man of many unofficial titles to me. He is (unofficially) Australia’s greatest living writer next to Gareth Liddiard, he has many contenders for the (unofficial) anthem of Australia and this track in particular, the timeless How to Make Gravy, is a treasured Christmas carol…unofficial, of course, but you can’t help but dream.

In typical Aussie fashion, the only available YouTube clip of How to Make Gravy‘s official video is a rip from a taping of rage – fittingly, just a few days ago on the 21st of December; the date referenced. Paul and his band are jamming out the sound on the rooftop with some pretty nice coastal views. It all looks very much like a vintage Australian summer – right down to the band’s incredibly daggy shirts – and you can’t help but whip up some nostalgia whilst watching this one…if you’re old enough, of course.

The Cringe: Short Stack – “Sweet December”

“I don’t think I remember a taste as sweet as this December…”

It’s been just over a year since this (just in time for) Christmas single dropped from quite possibly the worst band to come out of Australia in the past twenty years – Short Stack. Okay, so it doesn’t technically deal with Christmas, though what else could Shaun Diviney be moaning about when he whines lyrics like “I’m coming home/to be your sweet December.” I’m Coming Home for Christmas, anyone?

Anyway, the symbolism goes a bit further when they burn a fucking Christmas tree in the video for some fucktarded reason. The band prims and poses like the inbred hicks that they are, and the world begrudgingly keeps turning. See how long you can watch this video without the following exact though springing into your head: “…fuck it. Someone needs to die.” Your time starts…now.

Old Favourites: The Killers – “Don’t Shoot Me Santa”

“That’s funny, kid, ’cause I’ve been coming for you…”

One of the many reasons I love The Killers is the simple fact that they put out Christmas singles. Almost every year that they’ve been famous, they have put out a Christmas single – amongst them A Great Big Sled and this year’s Boots; and all of which have seen the proceeds of their sales go to charity. Ain’t that nice? My favourite Christmas single from the band, however, has to be this evil little ditty.

This song is a duet between Brandon and Santa, who reckon’s our buddy Brandon has been a little too naughty this year. The video brings to life the drama, with naturally hilarious results. There’s puppetry, there’s Brandon Flowers being all rugged and sexy like, there’s a very sick and twisted Santa…asking for any more would be just plain old greedy, wouldn’t it?

Watch This Now: Coldplay – “Christmas Lights”

“Oh, Christmas lights, keep shining on…”

They’ve never been fashionable, but I completely adore Coldplay. Their uplifting chord progressions, Chris Martin‘s voice, the fact that they honestly seem down to earth in spite of being multi-millionaires…great qualities of both their musicianship and their personality. It also assists their case that they’ve thrown together a Christmas single just in time for…well…y’know… – and the adorable video to go with it just lifts the spirits in a way only they know how to do.

What’s there to see? Pretty much the band and a few very pretty European locations – they look European, anyway – and not much else. That’s the charm of it all, though – and when we’re talking charm factor ten for Coldplay, you really can’t go wrong.

The Cringe: Wham! – “Last Christmas”

“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…”

Happy Christmas eve, gang! Let’s get into the festivities with one of the most truly cringeworthy Christmas singles of all time – George Michael and The Other Dude That No-one Remembers, better known collectively as Wham!

In this thrilling little escapade, George brings a girl to a ski lodge – shyeah right, George! -and they, as well as a bunch of friends, go skiing and set up the tree and bring in firewood and shit. Also at this party is George’s ex-girl – again, shyeah right! – and they exchange a few forlorn glances at one another. General frollicking about in the snow follows.

All in all, a pretty boring video, but a few things stick out about it that qualify it for The Cringe. Firstly, the scene where everyone is having fun with a snowball fight while George is brooding…in a parka. How in fuck do you BROOD in a PARKA? It just doesn’t click – the parka is so warm and lovely and happy! Bloody hell, George. Also, the fashion here is just awful – the colours are blinding, the hair is atrocious, it’s an eighties affair in the very very worst possible way. How this was ever considered cool or heartfelt – not to mention how George was ever considered a “ladies man” – is one of life’s greatest enigmas…

Merry Christmas from Y,WGAV!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to wish you a very happy, safe and fun Christmas. Tomorrow, you’re getting nothing but the best (and, of course, worst) Christmas videos. Let’s have some fun and eat too much ham and chocolate!



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