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Watch This Now: Willow Smith – “Do It Like Me (Rockstar)”

“When I take off my shades, don’t be shocked by my age, I’m taking over the game…”

How about it? After a bit of time away from the spotlight, we’re right back to Willow Smith reclaiming her throne at the forefront of tween-pop. Sure, she’s practically peerless, but when you release something as batshit-crazy/pant-shittingly-awesome as Whip My Hair, you practically create your own spectrum that revolves around it. Although her later singles haven’t quite managed to capture that lightning in a bottle, this newie feels as though it’s her best post-Whip effort to date – and the shamelessly cheesy video emphasises that for me.

For someone with disposable pocket money, it’s quite interesting that they’ve gone for a considerably low-budget affair. All we’re getting, essentially, is young Willow goofing off in-front of the camera, dancing a bit and showing off that she’s been to Europe (take a look at some of the tourist locations in the background). There’s not much to it at all, and it’s this shying away from the big, shiny norm that makes this clip so watchable. I’m also a complete sucker for the myriad of hairstyles that Willow boasts – what can I say, they’re adorable! This is little more than a sugar rush for simple minds, but if loving this clip is wrong then I have decided that I no longer want to be right. About anything. Consider my hair whipped in both directions.

Top 30 Videos of 2010: 20 – 16

20. Kimbra – Settle Down

The gorgeous Kiwi-born singer certainly knew how to make a first impression with her debut video, presenting a twisted fantasy (no, Yeezy, it’s not beautiful and dark) involving dollys, pretty cinematography and fire. That will all make sense once you’ve seen the video, trust me. I love this video on account of its creativity and its fearless imagination – it’s increasingly rare to find that in any international pop music, let alone stuff being created so close to home (Kimbra now lives in Melbourne). A breath of fresh air that was very much needed in 2010.

19. Ben Folds and Nick Hornby – From Above

One of the more interesting collabs from the year saw piano punk Ben Folds get his groove back thanks to About A Boy writer Nick Hornby. In this video, Hornby’s words come to live through visualisation – thankfully, with no appearance from Hugh Grant in sight. It’s a simple black and white animation which truly drives the messages woven into the song right home to its viewers. Poignant, cute and really cleverly done, if you haven’t experienced Lonely Avenue yet then hopefully the video for From Above will be your catalyst.

18. The Bedroom Philosopher – Northcote (So Hungover)

No matter where you were in 2010, Justin Heazelwood brought back the novelty song in amazing fashion, taking on a topic no Aussie had considered tackling before – the boho hipster. You know the type – cardigan wearer, apathetic about most things, in a band, arrogant… the Beddy Philly (thanks, Robin from The Boat People!) nailed this character perfectly. The song’s re-enaction instantly generated plenty of laughs and high rotation on Channel [V] and rage – he even dressed up in his hipster uniform when I saw him play the song live! Some great cameos in here too – look out for Kram from Spiderbait, Tim Rogers and Miss Angie Hart!

17. LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls

Really, it was only a matter of time before James Murphy and co. were sabotaged in the making of their own video by a gang of vicious, anarchic pandas who throw glitter everywhere, trash studio sets and smear make-up all over the band. I’m just personally quite glad and eternally grateful that LCD Soundsystem were brave enough to put together the remaining footage and present is as the music video even after the painful ordeal that they were put through during the making of what should have been a groundbreaking performance video. Y,WGAV! salutes you!

16. Willow Smith – Whip My Hair

As they say in the hip-hop world, this shit was a motherfucking gamechanger. You’d expect something wild from someone who’s DNA partly consists of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but this was one of the most extravagant and stupidly fun videos to be unleashed in the pop world for quite some time. I mean, come on! The colours! The dancing! The kids being liberated! What’s not to love? Quit guzzling the haterade and appreciate this for what it is – the guiltiest of pleasures, but pleasure all the same.

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