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And now… a Y,WGAV! announcement.

Hi readers,

David here, hoping you’ve had a wonderful 2014 already.

So, this is the announcement I was talking about last week. I figured I would give you lot the heads-up first. As we head into another year, I am here to let you know that, after March 2014, Yes, We’ve Got a Video! will be done.

A few things have influenced this decision, namely the fact that I got so busy last year that I couldn’t even see 2013 out. Now that my freelance writing schedule is getting bigger and bigger, not to mention writing a new Nothing Rhymes with David album, my once-frequent activity on Y,WGAV! has been seriously halted in the past few months. It’s nobody’s fault, and it’s certainly not a matter of caring any less about music videos or anything of the sort. Ultimately, I had to make the call. No sour grapes, no regrets, no nothin’. I have had an absolutely fantastic time running this blog, and I hope you have enjoyed reading it.

A huge, sincere thanks to everyone that has made this blog possible. From the wonderful artists, producers, directors etc. that fill this space with videos I want to talk about to the PR people that have kept in touch about new artists and guest bloggers, I’ve been really lucky to have a decent enough run with this place. Two Pedestrian.TV blogster nominations, a wonderful community of people who subscribe and interact, some truly world-class hatemail (hi, Kerser fans!)… I started this blog with no anticipation or hopes for anything greater, but that’s exactly what I got.

TL;DR – this is it! Let’s make it count! Thank you!



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