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Watch This Now: Laura Imbruglia – “Awoooh!”

“I wanna thank your ma and pa, and anyone who made you who you are…”

Hey, check it out! It’s old mate Laura Imbruglia. No… Laura. C’mon, now, we’ve been through this. She’s the good one. She’s on our side. Anyway, it’s been awhile since she dropped The Lighter Side Of…, toured with Eels and not only gave us the fantastic I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend video, but even came on and guest-blogged about a so-bad-it’s-amazing Queen video. Ahh, memories. So, what’s been going on? Welp, Laura’s been passin’ the hat with a fun lil’ Kickstarter in order to make her new studio album, What a Treat! The campaign was a success, and we’ll hopefully be getting the record mid-year. Until then, however, we’ve got ourselves a new video! Aw yis!

Loz is dressed to the nines here, looking a little like Mojo Juju with her slick hair and badass suit. She’s trying to hunt down the ladykiller on the other side of the bar, but there’s just one problem – she’s a werewolf. Oh dudes, you were expecting a song called Awooh! to not have werewolves in it? There’s also a revolving cast of lovesick puppies throwing in a bit of slapstick for good measure – oh, and it all ends with a dance number! Oh, glory! Mad props to LI and the crew for putting this one together. I dig the l0w-budget-high-ambition feel going on here, and the song is one of her catchiest ever. Really, what more can you ask for in a situation like this? I’m stoked we still have this lady around, kickin’ starts and breakin’ hearts. Let’s sing another song, boys.

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