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Watch This Now: Sammy J – “Keep It Clean (The Fuck Song)”

“Everytime we don’t say the word fuck, we pump that fucker up…”

I’m amazed that Sammy J has the time to do anything these days. In-between writing and recording his second solo album, Skinny Man Modern World, touring his new show The Inheritance with everyone’s favourite purple puppet Randy (aka Heath McIvor) and getting ready to become a dad for the first time, the skinny one has managed to squeeze in a bit of time to make a video for one of the many hilarious numbers from the new album (which, by the way, you can grab here or here). I’m very glad that he has, however, as it is a surprisingly sweet and very entertaining clip.

Swiftly made and on a low budget, the clip essentially revolves around Sammy’s pleas with a dodgy promoter to forget about what is perceived as “bad” language and allow the word fuck to simply become just another word. If you read this blog with any sense of regularity, you’ll know how much I love to drop a good f-bomb every now and then – so to see a song like this is right up my fucking alley. Good fucking on you, Sammy J – oh, and can you please save me one of those tap-dancing teddy bears?

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