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Watch This Now: The Lonely Island – “Spell It Out” / “Go Kindergarten”

Sick of The Lonely Island being on here yet? Don’t worry – now that Wack Wednesdays are over and The Wack Album is out for all to hear, this is the last time you’ll be seeing them… for a little while, at least. To get you completely up to date, I thought I’d drop the final Wack Wednesday video as well as the completed Go Kindergarten clip. Sound good? Well, it’s happening, whether you’re on board or not. I mean, I’m sorry to disappoint you and all, but… ahh, who am I kidding? I just dig the shit out of TLI.

Spell It Out is a very simple prospect. Andy Samberg decides to spell out his alias for us, which then takes up the entirety of the song. The letters fly by, so you’d do best to keep up with what’s happening or you’ll fall behind – and, in this instance, that’s not something that you want. Samberg hams it up for the camera in only a way he can really pull off  – especially when the crowd surfing comes in for the last 20 seconds. It’s just such an unexpected finale, it works beautifully. As fun as it is, it just can’t compare to what follows in Go Kindergarten. It honestly ranks among their best clips – not only for the star power of P. Diddy  and Paul Rudd (who is currently sex-panthering it up on the set of Anchorman 2), but for how far they take the song’s outrageous club-floor demands from a visual perspective. I also had a little squee over seeing Robyn back in action again – she sells her part to an absolute t; and looks drop-dead gorgeous to boot. There is almost too much to love about the Go Kindergarten video. Get amongst The Wack Album right now, and don’t forget who’s running that fake rap shit.

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