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Watch This Now: The Stuff We May Have Missed… Part Two

But  wait! There’s more!


Oliver Clark – Atomic Thrust

He’s the man with the sexiest voice in comedy and suits that could make Paul F. Tompkins look like a hobo. Yes indeed, the housewives’ choice Oliver Clark is one for the ages. For the title track of his new album, he decided to put his pelvis to the test; subsequently delivering one of the flat-out funniest videos of the year.

Blood Orange – Chamakay

In which Devonte Hynes goes home. Well, in a traditional sense, anyway. Visiting Guyana for the first time ever, Dev makes his way around the beautiful area and connects with the townsfolk. Parallels can easily be drawn with frequent collaborator Solange‘s wonderful video for Losing You, but not even that can match the tender beauty of seeing Hynes meet and speak with his grandfather for the first time ever. Stunning.

They Might Be Giants – You’re on Fire

They’ve been getting weird since before you were born and they show absolutely zero signs of slowing their roll. Here, they give a spin to the opening track on their sixteenth(!) album, allowing some mince meat to take lead vocals while the gorgeous Lauren Lapkus from Orange is the New Black dances around the kitchen preparing to send it to its impending doom. Because of COURSE that’s what they would come up with.

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

A lot of people have asked me about this one. Where do I stand? What do I make of it? Now, I’ll be the first to admit it needed an editor, and maybe some restraint on the more… shall we say… ‘out there’ moments. When she’s staring straight down the barrel of the camera, though? I simply cannot deny it. It’s gripping, and it’s honest, and it’s the most real that we’ve ever seen the girl born Destiny Hope Cyrus.

Arcade Fire – Reflektor

What an exciting time to be an AF fan. As the band bravely venture into what may be their weirdest album to date, we’re treated to what may be their weirdest video to date for the album’s title track. Late-night roadtrippin’, mirror suits, giant paper-mache heads, tricked-out caskets… I mean, I’ll be damned if I know what it all means at this point. It looks pretty amazing, though; don’t you agree? What a thrilling video.

Fall Out Boy feat. Big Sean – The Mighty Fall

The saga continues. This year, Fall Out Boy have been releasing music videos for every song from their Save Rock & Roll LP; following a conceptual story about the four members and a secret briefcase which has contents only they (and the villains of the series) know about. There’s been aspects of Stockholm syndrome and Clockwork Orange-esque ultra-violence thus far, and the madness continues here with some all-new characters. Kudos for keeping them guessing, boys.

The Polyphonic Spree – Let Them Be

Following on from the parallel universe of the You Don’t Know Me video, the Spree get animated on the second video from their excellent Yes, It’s True. album. Director Ben Rowe takes the song into a lush dreamscape, enlisting the help of dozens of creepy-crawlies, frogs, aliens and what appears to be an avocado. No, really, it’ll all make sense once you’ve seen it. Well, okay, I won’t make any promises…

Moby feat. Wayne Coyne – The Perfect Life

Oh, come on! It’s Moby and Wayne Coyne in mariachi suits. What joy! What pure, unadulterated awesome have we found ourselves with? If you don’t get a smile out of this one, your heart is dead as dead can be. That’s all that can be said!

Watch This Now: Alison Wonderland feat. Fishing – “Get Ready”

“Live your life, VHS cassette, fast forward, back to the future…”

I remember meeting Alison Wonderland at the fourth birthday party of Sosueme, perhaps one of my only tolerated club nights in Sydney. She was polite and sweet; and I actually didn’t find out she was actually a DJ until later in the conversation. “Oh, right, cool,” I responded. “That sounds like fun.” Little was I to know exactly how much fun – her set with the rest of the Sosueme crew just as the clock hit midnight was a world of high-energy excitement and bombast. It was unpretentious and entertaining, which is more than I can say about a slew of other deck-spinning douches in the city.

Anyway, this year Ms. Wonderland has made the move into original music, and her debut single features a collaboration with my boys in Fishing busting out their rap dude personas. Now, I’ll be honest – as much as I dug the song, I wasn’t sure the video would be much chop. Nothing personal, it’s just that DJs… well… they’re not great with the music videos, are they. Let’s not forget the first-ever negative review we gave of a clip on this blog was a David Guetta video. And have you seen the Pauly D video for Night of My Life lately? Don’t. Of course, this isn’t to compare Alison to either of those guys – like I said, she’s different. One might even say, One of Us. So with equal amounts of relief and pleasure, the video for Get Ready ended up fucking ruling.

Like, seriously – Alison, Doug and Russell have gone above and beyond the call of duty here. Watching a crew of delinquent teenage zombies busting mad rhymes into a fisheye lens already screams “fucking awesome” on paper. The word ‘awesome’ being underlined several times. Watching the whole thing executed, however, leaves one at a loss for words at points. It’s just so much fun to watch – the lip-syncing is seamless, the little breakdancing dude left my jaw on the floor and the varying hijinks that unfurl throughout the second half cemented the shit-eating grin on my face. They couldn’t have made a better clip for this track, and I can’t wait to see what comes next. For Alison, for the rap dudes of Fishing, for the breakdancing zombies… the whole shebang. They’ve started something beautiful here, friends.

Old Favourites: Beyonce feat. Jay-Z – “Crazy in Love”

“It’s the beat that my heart skips when I’m with you…”

So, after years of neither one of them visiting Australia, both Knowles sisters are coming to Australia. This is good. This is very, very good. Solange, who kicked a lot of arse last year with her gorgeous video for Losin’ You, will be here in December for Falls Festival. Roughly a month and change beforehand, though, we’re getting an arena tour from the one and only Beyonce. This is my first time seeing Queen B in action, and I am expecting something that’s nothing short of exhilarating. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with for a big show like this one.

I wasn’t always such a gushing queer over Bee, y’know. Back when I was a mad alternative triple j we love music kid, I was never allowed to like Beyonce. That was for GIRLS. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. That was, of course, before this ditty came around. Sure, I didn’t appreciate it at first – girl germs, rnb “not reel music” etc. But it was probably around 2007 that I snapped and realised I was holding back my enjoyment of this superwoman and her music for no real reason at all. So, I stopped being a fuckhead and immersed myself in all things Beyonce.

This video, in particular, has stood the test of time for me as one of the definitive moments in her career – not only voted as the greatest song of the 2000s, but a glistening and all-out video that made everything else stop dead in its tracks. Even though Wikipedia itself admitted that “the video is essentially plotless,” you have to ask yourself: Who’s watching Beyonce videos for the PLOT? There are insane chunks of choreography! Fast cars! Jay-Z just being a flat out dude! I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to live in a world where this isn’t awesome. I don’t want to be there anymore. I’m in a safe – and far, far better – place now. Now, SHAKE!

Watch This Now: The Lonely Island – “Diaper Money”

“I got that wife pussy, I got that pussy on lock…”

Back so soon? Yep! Another Wack Wednesday has been and gone, and we have another brand new video from The Lonely Island crew to get us in the mood for their third studio album, The Wack Album. So, we’ve already had a play on an overused phrase; as well as some brilliant contrasts between vacation hedonism and GLBT rights. Where do we go from here?

Pretty simple, folks. The time for kiddie games is over! We’re dealing with adults here! Ones that can afford to give their babies things to poop in! Adults that are married! Adults that have life insurance and a grave plot! This is some grown-ass man shit! It’s fitting, then, that the guys have made a video dedicated entirely to this remarkable premise. It’s a real breakthrough for TLI, and I have a feeling that you guys will have a great appreciation for it.

Watch This Now: Kendrick Lamar – “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”

“Talk too motherfucking much, I got my drink, I got my music…”

What a relief that the undisputed star of hip-hop in 2012 is keeping up his productivity into 2013. The last thing I would ever want for Kendrick Lamar is for him to simply become a flash in the pan. After all, if it wasn’t for The Idler Wheel by Fiona Apple, there is no doubt in my mind that good kid, m.A.A.d city would have been the album of the year. This track in particular was one of my favourites, so I was quite keen to see how it would be portrayed from a music video perspective – and, I’m happy to say, K Dot has done me proud. Well proud!

As I had suspected when daydreaming about the clip, the video begins in the surrounds of a church. “I am a sinner, who’s probably gonna sin again…,” you know how it is. The jumpy editing and the stark contrasts that come in the following scenes make this a bit of a shock to watch the first time around. With repeated listens, however, comes the concept. Somewhere between love and fear, life and death, laughter and sadness, there’s the video. I get that some people really aren’t going to dig on this, and might find it to have mixed messages or contradictory. For what it’s worth though, I find that those people were missing Kendrick’s message from the beginning. This is great. DTM.

Watch This Now: The Lonely Island – “Spring Break Anthem”

“Let’s get fucked up, then find Mr. Right and get monogamous…”

About damn time! Given their previous track record of releasing a record every other year, it’s new album season for The Lonely Island. We were teased earlier in the year with The Wack Album‘s lead single, YOLO (You Oughta Look Out), which featured hook man Adam Levine and the badass Kendrick Lamar. Unfortunately, Y,WGAV! missed out on that one – didn’t see it until it was too late! A real shame, given these guys are no strangers to this part of the internet. Still, no use worrying about that – we’ve got bigger issues at hand!

What issues, I hear you cry from the far reaches of wherever the fuck you’re reading this from? Two big ones, actually: Marriage equality and getting absolutely smashed on spring break. I think you’ll appreciate that both have been intensely discussed and debated recently, and there is certainly a world of controversy surrounding them. Through releasing Spring Break Anthem, TLI want to make sure we’re on board in support of both – and they make very convincing arguments. Hell, I was sold the second I realised that Andy Samberg had ditched Joanna Newsom in favour of getting hitched to Zach Galafianikis, who introduces the clip with a Between Two Ferns interview starring James Franco; who also finds himself getting married in the proceedings. God bless America!

Watch This If You Dare: Falling in Reverse – “Alone”

“My haters talk shit, while washing dishes for a living…”

So, earlier this year we showed you guys the video for This is a War, by Melbourne mosh-dad Michael Crafter and his backing band of tattooed twinks known as Confession. At the time, I was genuinely convinced that we had found the absolute worst video of the year. Like, next level. Couldn’t possibly be anything worse… right? WRONG. WROOOO-OOOOOOOONG. For whatever reason, some fuckwit decided to take Ronnie Radke – former lead singer of cringe-worthy mid-2000s scenecore band Escape the Fate – out of prison and back into music. He’s got a new band called Falling in Reverse. That band has a new single. That single has a video… and THAT VIDEO IS THE WORST VIDEO OF 2013.

Seriously. Not even a new Braid Paisley and LL Cool J collaboration set to footage of Chris Benoit killing his family will be able to top this for worst video of the year. I’ve seen the future right here, and the future is horrible. Just horrible. Like, completely fucked. Ronnie normally sticks to a high-pitched whining sound that some may classify as singing. Here, he transmogrifies into a high-pitched grunting sound that some may classify as rapping. It doesn’t appear to be done with a trace of irony, either. From the awful haircut to the “rapping in front of a car” footage to hilariously contrived MAWSH BREAKDOWN shots (watch what the rest of the band does while RR busts out his rhymes without their accompaniment)… oh man. Oh! And he also does the “loser” signal the wrong way. It’s a backwards L with your left hand, you dumb fuck.

This is inexcusable. It’s hilarious. But completely inexcusable. This is The Room of moshcore videos. Have fun with it.

Watch This Now: Kendrick Lamar – “Swimming Pools (Drank)”

“I see the love in her eyes, I see the feeling, the freedom is granted…”

It was Donald Glover – aka Childish Gambino – who introduced me to the sound of Kendrick Lamar earlier this year. This was just in a live context, so I was just taken away by the superficial elements – the speed, the flow, etc – without thinking too much more about it. Looking further into this Lamar character has lead me to believe he’s going to be one of the biggest names in hip-hop within five years. There’s so much going on here, not to mention the overwhelming support of people like Dr. Dre on his side – when his major-label debut drops in October, it’s going to pretty much be game over.

This video marks the second clip from his upcoming album, and it’s a very bold and engaging work delving into a dizzying spiral of  alcohol and women. And not in a “look how fucking cool this is” kind of way, either. Rather, Lamar directs the clip to show the darker, uglier side of what can come with this addictive lifestyle. It’s a surprisingly honest portrayal, that slips in and out of hallucination to further create a very bizarre but thoroughly engaged take on what can be a very, very harsh reality. Get amongst it before he blows up – and it’s not a matter of “if” in this case, but “when.”

Watch This If You Dare: Machine Gun Kelly feat. Esther Dean – “Invincible”

“When they feel this, they feel me, but I can’t feel nothin’ outside these Dre Beats…”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh boy. Okay. So. You remember how earlier today I showed you Urthboy? Good, right? Great hip-hop act. I decided, just for your lunchtime, that I’d flip that around and show you some fucking terrible hip-hop from a scrawny redneck rat that got booed at WrestleMania. Yes, boys and girls, this guy got booed by people that think professional wrestling is real. THAT’S how bad he is. This is trash Eminem-wannabe bullshit, but it’s done with such conviction and faux-anger that it goes beyond the valley of annoying into plain old frustration.

Here’s what happens in Invincible: Machine Gun Kelly stands around looking angry. Meanwhile, a girl gets pregnant, a preacher breaks down in a sermon and a dude gets his arse kicked in someone else’s yard. It might sound like I’m making this shit up off the top of my head, but I swear by the many arms of Vishnu that it’s all real. It’s like Michael Bay took a shit somewhere and MGK went in after him, searching after the corniest parts. What more can you say about this talentless anorexic? Doofuses like him give hip-hop a bad name and I’m so sorry I had to drag it all the way through the dirt just to bring you this.

Watch This Now: Drake – “Take Care” / “HYFR”

Since it dropped last year, Drake‘s Take Care has been doing wonders for him. Mass critical reception, huge charting positions and a world tour that has taken him to the biggest venues he has played to date. And the flow of content hasn’t stopped, either – he’s already dropped a new single, The Motto, in the interim; and over the weekend dropped not one, but two brand new videos on his blog, October’s Very Own. These two clips manage to encapsulate two very different sides of Mr. Aubrey Graham, but that alone is a reflection of the kind of artist that he is – you’ll rarely find him doing the same thing twice.

First up is the title track, featuring a now-blonde Rihanna. These two have done a video together – the fairly vanilla clip for RiRi’s What’s My Name? – but thankfully that precedent is completely wiped here. It’s a clip that deals with the heavy emotions of the song, often simply through the imagery of Drake and Rihanna embracing. The other side of it is the footage of the ox and the bird, which many people have expressed confusion over. For my two cents, I feel as though it’s a visual metaphor for the contrasts that can come with love – heaviness and gentleness, power and fragility etc. The best thing about it, however, is that it’s entirely up to you what it all means. See what you get out of it.

Next up, it’s party time. The concept for the HYFR (Hell Yeah Fuckin’ Right) clip is that Drizzy is getting “re-bar mitzvah’d” – whatever that means. It’s just a left-of-centre excuse for a party video, but you’ll be damned if these fuckers don’t do it well. It’s certainly got its eccentricities – Lil Wayne rapping in a panda balaclava, for instance – but its charm is the thing that shines through the most. Considering HYFR is arguably one of the weaker moments of Take Care, it’s pretty impressive that they’ve managed to make such a likable clip out of it. Mazel tov, Drake. Oh, and COME TO AUSTRALIA FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

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