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Watch This Now: Lambchop – “Gone Tomorrow”

“This was their last night on the continent, the production was shutting down…”

My my, 2012 has been full of unexpected twists already, hasn’t it. Here, grumpy folk-r0ck veteran Kurt Wagner, aka Lampchop, has teamed up with indie pro-wrestling company ATL Wrestling for what is surely one of the most unlikely combos of the year. Normally, wrestling is associated with big guitars and fuck-off riffs – if you’ve never listened to Bodies byDrowning Pool, head to YouTube and see what I’m talking about. So to have a seven-minute acoustic folk tune accompany the lead up and the highlights of an indie wrestling match certainly isn’t something that immediately comes to mind. I’m so glad that it happened, though.

The video basically revolves around Wagner picking up a wrestler from his home, taking him to the venue (it appears to be some sort of community club) and watching the guy rehearse and prepare. It’s fascinating for me as a wrestling fan to see how little sheen or prestige is given to the goings-on of the video. It’s just another profession, presented in as rough-as-guts detail as you’d like.

It’s not glamourous or a high-paying lifestyle like you’d get out of WWE wrestlers, but it’s clear that the love that these guys have for what they do is unshakable. Wagner is just an observer – and it’s this approach that leads me to believe I’ll almost certainly be checking back into this clip when it comes to my end-of-year list. Just magical.


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