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Watch This Now: Twelve Foot Ninja – “Ain’t That a Bitch”

“I could waste my time on giving a shit, I’m walking out of here…”

It’s here! What better way to kick off the final year of Y,WGAV! than with the biggest crowdfunding campaign for a music video EVER? The band ended up raising over 50 thousand dollars to make a video for the final single from their 2012 debut, Smoke Machine. After successfully funding the video via Pozible back in May, I’ve waited with great anticipation to see what this lot would give us in return for the sweet, sweet dosh.

Good things come to those that wait, apparently. Really good things. Really ridiculous and funny things. One thing I have always appreciated about the Ninja gang is that they have always managed to strike the right balance between tight musical precision and not taking themselves too seriously – and have a little bit of fun while they’re at it. Here, they take what could be an all-too-obvious plotline – “people can be mean on the internet!” – and turn it into something both seriously strange and strangely serious.

The horror influence adds some cartoony elements, the Periphery cameos are a hoot and the random nods to other film styles and mediums manages to actually serve a purpose rather than simply become padding. Simply put: If you contributed any money to Ain’t That a Bitch, you got what you paid for. This goes above and beyond doing what it says on the tin – we’re dealing with a band who are all about putting in the extra effort. Fuck playing in front of a screen. There are burgers to be eaten!


Watch This Now: Melvins – “The War on Wisdom”

“The world is watching, I must have missed my calling…”

It’s not too early to let out an almighty “fuck yeah,” is it? Of course it’s not! After all, the fucking Melvins have a new video out. That is surely something worth “fuck yeah”-ing about. This clip is taken from the band’s forthcoming new EP, The Bulls and the Bees, and the clip sees a different version of the Melvins taking a starring role. No, it’s not Melvins Lite, the alternative line-up that have an album planned this year. Rather, the band is played by kid versions of themselves. Awesome, right?

The old rule in film has always gone that you are never to work with kids and animals. That might be true most of the time, but it’s worth mentioning that the four main kids that play the Melvins are actually pretty awesome. With Buzz Osbourne trapped in detention, the other 3 Melvins decided to break him out. There’s some cartoon violence and a pretty gorgeous detention teacher, and it’s sandwiched by the kids jamming out in their garage. High fives and rad times all round, really. Melvins have been ruling the roost for decades now, and this latest jam proves they show no signs of slowing down. Boom!

Top 30 Videos of 2011: 15 – 11

Sooooooo close to the top 10. I’m probably pissing a LOT of you off now. Apologies if that’s the case – just spreading this out as smoothly as I can. Anyway, we’ve got five more videos before we crack the top spots – you in?

15. Coldplay – Every Teardrop is a Waterfall
Directed by Mat Whitecross

Love them or hate them, Coldplay have been responsible for a stack of definitive videos over their time as a band. Chris Martin running across the beach in Yellow, Chris Martin doing everything in reverse in The Scientist, the specatcular athleticism of the late Barbara Moseley as the band played on in The Hardest Part, the stop-motion superhero glory of Strawberry Swing… I could go on. They continued this with the breath-taking clip for Mylo Xyloto‘s lead single, which mixed street-art and Strawberry Swing-esque stop-motion with a myriad of sparkling bright colour. It might be trivial and childish of me to adore this video purely for the pretty colours and whatnot, but I love this video purely on the basis of how it looks and how it makes me feel. Can you really ask for much more?

Read my original blog on Every Teardrop is a Waterfall here.

14. Battles feat. Matias Aguayo – Ice Cream
Directed by Canada

At this point of proceedings, you should probably know that I have absolutely no fucking idea what this video is about. I could give you some long-winded drivel about how it’s a metaphor for something or other and how the appearance of X next to Y clearly means Z… but I just can’t. By no means am I an anti-intellectual, and you, dear reader, are free to read into this video from Battles (their second in the countdown, yay!) as much as you want. All I can tell you is that I have no idea what all of this means. I just happen to think that it’s a really fucking cool video: a blur of warped imagery, absurdism, abstract art, obscure references to other artists and New York-style pretension. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s something out of a million nothings. It’s nonsensical sense. It’s Ice Cream.

Read my original blog on Ice Cream here.

13. Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears – Mustang Ranch
Directed by Bill Stevenson

Sometimes, a story is so utterly wild and ridiculous, that it just needs to be told. Such was the case with big-band rockers Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, who decided to recall a particularly wild night on a road trip from Salt Lake City to San Francisco on their latest album, Scandalous. Of course, they couldn’t re-enact the whole thing when it came to making the video, so bassist and video director Bill Stevenson decided that the story still needed to be told – and lo, it would be a hilarious animated romp like none other in 2011. Sure, there may be some embellished truths within this clip – was there really a rabbit fucking a chicken in the front yard? – but these sort of things assist in making the clip all the more entertaining. The crude animation adds to the charm of the whole thing, and assists in gaining repeated views – every time, cracking a smile without fail. More, please!

12. Foo Fighers – White Limo
Directed by Dave Grohl

Let’s not bullshit about here: If there’s one thing the Foo Fighters have know, currently know and always will know, it’s music videos. Three official clips were made for tracks from the band’s return-to-form, Wasting Light, including a roughly-shot Rope and a Revenge of the Nerds-esque adventure for Walk. There was no question as to what the pick of the lot was, however, as the band delivered their best video since the Jack Black-starring and highly NSFW Low, back in the early 2000s. What more could you ask for in a video? There was Lemmy pretending to drive a limo! There was Dave Grohl in a COPS jumper! There was Nate Mendel on rollerblades! The whole thing looks like it was shot on an 80s camcorder! This is utterly daggy perfection, proof that even arguably the biggest contemporary rock band in the world still couldn’t bring themselves to be taken fully seriously. The triumphant return of Pat Smear, making his first video appearance since Everlong, was a nice touch, too. Footastic.

Read my original blog on White Limo here.

11. Totally Unicorn – Daddy’s Stabby Surprise
Directed by Mikey Hamer

Here it is, folks. The most wildly inappropriate video of the year. Not the best, not the smartest, not the most thought-provoking…not that it sets out to be any of those things. No, friends, this is just the most NSFW of all the NSFW videos released in 2011. Full-frontal nudity – non-stop, I might add. Lots of alcohol. Lots of dudes with their clothes off. Some weird, sexual shit going down. Did I mention the non-stop nudity? And it’s all within less than 2.5 minutes. Now, that has GOTTA count for something, hasn’t it? It’s been a really killer year for the Totes guys, and it’s been a fucking wild ride watching them throughout 2011. Of all they achieved this year, however, probably none of it quite matches up to this pure dick-wiggling insanity. And that’s not downplaying everything else they’ve done – it’s up-playing this killer video.

Read my original blog on Daddy’s Stabby Surprise here.


Home stretch, dudes! Let’s wrap this fucker up… on the 30th. Sorry, I hate to be a dick but rulez is rulez! In the meantime, the normal business:

That’ll do for now. The top ten drops next Monday!

Watch This Now: Mastodon – “Curl of the Burl”

“I put my hands around his throat, he tried to reason with the sky and the clouds…”

It’s time to get those balls a-trippin’ with a brand new clip from Mastodon. These dudes shredded it up on their last record, 2009’s Crack the Skye, and have had an excellent run leading up to the release of their new record The Hunter, which is officially instores now (it had leaked a week or two previously). Now, if you can handle it, join me in viewing the mind-fuck freakout that is their latest clip.

How to describe it? Part nightmare sequence, part acid trip and part Everlong by the Foo Fighters, Curl of the Burl sees the band take themselves out of the picture entirely and instead leave the story telling to a bizarre sequence of a dude getting high off tree cuttings. It all gets very, very fucked up and I’m not at liberty to spoil how it all ends up for you guys. I’ll just put it out there that you’ll still be wondering exactly what the shit happened long after you’ve watched this for the umpteenth time. Which you will – it might be completely mental, but it’s a fucking good clip.

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