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Watch This Now: Tegan & Sara feat. The Lonely Island – “Everything is AWESOME!!!”

“A Nobel prize, a piece of string, you know what’s awesome? Everything!”

Hi, everyone! I’ve got good news and bad news. Do you want to hear the bad news first? It will make the good news even more good. Y’sure? Okay, bad news first: The LEGO Movie isn’t out in Australia until April. Because we CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS, APPARENTLY. Still, there is some good news – until that fateful day when it’s finally here, we have the lead single from the soundtrack. It’s a combination of two of my favourite acts in the whole entire world: the delightful Tegan & Sara and the perennial friends-of-the-blog known as The Lonely Island. Hoo-fucking-ray! Ooh, wait. Sorry. Kids might be reading. Hoo-flipping-ray! That’s better.

Now, admittedly, the soundtrack music video can be a little lazy. After all, half the work is done for you when you’re taking footage from the movie – or, even more lazily, the trailer. Thankfully, some real Lego is involved with a video idea created by six-year-old Markus Jolly. It all blends together wonderfully – I’m particularly fond of the building montages. Reminds me of the joy that is Lego building. Sometimes, I completely forget about how cool it can be. How awesome, if you will. The wait may be longer for Aussies to get the movie, but it will make our popcorn-gnawing joy all the more fulfilling when it’s finally here. Word to awesome possums everywhere!


Watch This Now: The Lonely Island – “Spell It Out” / “Go Kindergarten”

Sick of The Lonely Island being on here yet? Don’t worry – now that Wack Wednesdays are over and The Wack Album is out for all to hear, this is the last time you’ll be seeing them… for a little while, at least. To get you completely up to date, I thought I’d drop the final Wack Wednesday video as well as the completed Go Kindergarten clip. Sound good? Well, it’s happening, whether you’re on board or not. I mean, I’m sorry to disappoint you and all, but… ahh, who am I kidding? I just dig the shit out of TLI.

Spell It Out is a very simple prospect. Andy Samberg decides to spell out his alias for us, which then takes up the entirety of the song. The letters fly by, so you’d do best to keep up with what’s happening or you’ll fall behind – and, in this instance, that’s not something that you want. Samberg hams it up for the camera in only a way he can really pull off  – especially when the crowd surfing comes in for the last 20 seconds. It’s just such an unexpected finale, it works beautifully. As fun as it is, it just can’t compare to what follows in Go Kindergarten. It honestly ranks among their best clips – not only for the star power of P. Diddy  and Paul Rudd (who is currently sex-panthering it up on the set of Anchorman 2), but for how far they take the song’s outrageous club-floor demands from a visual perspective. I also had a little squee over seeing Robyn back in action again – she sells her part to an absolute t; and looks drop-dead gorgeous to boot. There is almost too much to love about the Go Kindergarten video. Get amongst The Wack Album right now, and don’t forget who’s running that fake rap shit.

Watch This Now: The Lonely Island – “Diaper Money”

“I got that wife pussy, I got that pussy on lock…”

Back so soon? Yep! Another Wack Wednesday has been and gone, and we have another brand new video from The Lonely Island crew to get us in the mood for their third studio album, The Wack Album. So, we’ve already had a play on an overused phrase; as well as some brilliant contrasts between vacation hedonism and GLBT rights. Where do we go from here?

Pretty simple, folks. The time for kiddie games is over! We’re dealing with adults here! Ones that can afford to give their babies things to poop in! Adults that are married! Adults that have life insurance and a grave plot! This is some grown-ass man shit! It’s fitting, then, that the guys have made a video dedicated entirely to this remarkable premise. It’s a real breakthrough for TLI, and I have a feeling that you guys will have a great appreciation for it.

Watch This Now: The Lonely Island – “Spring Break Anthem”

“Let’s get fucked up, then find Mr. Right and get monogamous…”

About damn time! Given their previous track record of releasing a record every other year, it’s new album season for The Lonely Island. We were teased earlier in the year with The Wack Album‘s lead single, YOLO (You Oughta Look Out), which featured hook man Adam Levine and the badass Kendrick Lamar. Unfortunately, Y,WGAV! missed out on that one – didn’t see it until it was too late! A real shame, given these guys are no strangers to this part of the internet. Still, no use worrying about that – we’ve got bigger issues at hand!

What issues, I hear you cry from the far reaches of wherever the fuck you’re reading this from? Two big ones, actually: Marriage equality and getting absolutely smashed on spring break. I think you’ll appreciate that both have been intensely discussed and debated recently, and there is certainly a world of controversy surrounding them. Through releasing Spring Break Anthem, TLI want to make sure we’re on board in support of both – and they make very convincing arguments. Hell, I was sold the second I realised that Andy Samberg had ditched Joanna Newsom in favour of getting hitched to Zach Galafianikis, who introduces the clip with a Between Two Ferns interview starring James Franco; who also finds himself getting married in the proceedings. God bless America!

Top 30 Videos of 2011: 20 – 16

Ten down, twenty to go. There have been some killer inclusions so far, and the following five is no exception. You want teddy bears? Ninjas? Car chases? Michael Bolton? We got ALL of that shit, right here! Let’s go!

20. Rhys Muldoon – I’m Not Singing
Directed by Natalie van den Dungen

A double-spud for one of Australia’s finest actors and one of Australia’s finest video directors. Both Rhys and Natalie were involved with Darren Hanlon‘s wonderful Butterfly Bones video, and they make their return here to focus on the title track for Rhys’ debut kids’ album. It’s an adorable mini-adventure, following the rockstar lifestyle of a keyboard-and-drums duo making their way to yet another rocking gig – except their roadie keeps nagging them about listening to his album. “I’ve been driving you four years,” he moans. “I don’t know how many times I have to ask!” We should probably mention at this time that the duo are teddy bears, and the roadie is Rhys Muldoon himself. The puppetry is simple, the animated background is sweet and the dancing kids just make this video. Few Aussie clips were this fun in 2011 – and you can only imagine that this would have been the most fun to be a part of. Ahh, Rhys – is there anything you can’t do?

19. Bluejuice – Act Yr Age
Directed by Sam Bennetts

It all started with throwing on robes and turning into a cult that believed that the gaps in peanut butter jars were actually negative space, way back when in 2007. Ever since, Bluejuice have been responsible for some of the most insane dedication to awesome music videos this side of OKGO. So how do they do it this time? Amazingly, they haven’t done something completely insane – let’s not forget that their past videos have including the band jumping out of an aeroplane and learning how to jump rope from scratch. Rather, this just involves the pure gutsiness of Mr. Jake Stone. If you haven’t seen it, I’m not going to spoil it. All you need to know is this: You know that bar that Bluejuice keep setting for themselves and their videos? They keep fucking clearing it.

Read my original blog on Act Yr Age here.

18. The Lonely Island feat. Michael Bolton – Jack Sparrow
Directed by Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer

Although Turtleneck and Chain, the sophomore album for Saturday Night Live kids The Lonely Island, didn’t quite hit the mark in the way that their killer 2009 Incredibad did, it almost went without saying that they were going to make one of the best videos of the year. The trio are easily one of the few things that keep people coming back to SNL, and this side-splitter shows exactly why that’s the case. Everything is lampooned, nothing is sacred, and they have no problem in coaxing major celebrities in poking fun at their area of music, either. T-Pain was the generic AutoTune hook, Akon got the squirrel-y hook and now the Godfather of mullety cheese Michael Bolton gets a taste. You can clearly tell he’s loving every second of it, too, as he switches from pirate costumes to his best Al Pacino impression. Killer timing, played just right – The Lonely Island are more than just frat-boy fun. They’re something for everyone.

Read my original blog on Jack Sparrow here.

17. Art vs. Science – Higher
Directed by Dave Budge

What more can we say about Art vs. Science? We bloody love them. They’ve been featured four times, they charted in last year’s countdown with their bombastic Magic Fountain video and they make a triumphant return once again to top off an absolutely sensational year. They dropped The Experiment, their debut album, toured nationally and internationally, rocked the ARIAs with one of the best performances in years and released a selection of great videos. This particular adventure, however, was unquestionably the pick of the lot. It’s easy to imagine the AvS guys as cool dudes, but what happens when they become secret agents that jump out of planes and battle aliens? Whadaya think, dummy? A whole stack of crazy shit goes down – and it’s nothing short of riotously entertaining throughout. Congrats, gents.

Read my original blog on Higher here.

16. Britney Spears – I Wanna Go
Directed by Chris Marrs Piliero

Just throwing this out there, but what a great year for pop videos. Some mild wankery aside, there were some truly sensational clips ruling the charts throughout the year. It’s great to see some major acts doing some tongue-in-cheek stuff, not worrying about maintaining a “rep” or “cred” or whatever – and major kudos has to go to Chris Marrs Piliero, making his second appearance in the countdown after his wonderful unicorn bloodbath with Ke$ha. On this, her thirty-sixth(!) music video, Britney gets delightfully bitchy in a paparazzi stand-off, referencing everything from The Terminator to her very own Crossroads 2. It’s all very wink-wink-nudge-nudge, and you can clearly tell that Britters and CMP would not have had it any other way. Even if you’re not a Britney fan, give the lady some credit for shaking shit up just a little!

Read my original blog on I Wanna Go here.


A very fun segment of the countdown today. Did you enjoy these clips too? Let us know what you think – drop a comment below or shoot an email across to gotavideo@gmail.com. You can catch up on part one HERE and part two HERE. The second half of the countdown begins next week! See you then!

Watch This Now: The Lonely Island – “We’re Back!” / “Jack Sparrow”

Hey hey hey! So, the Rapture didn’t happen on Saturday and I’m really, really excited. Mainly because I get to keep on pestering you motherfuckers with my music video fetish. What better way to kick off than with some dudes who have been absolutely slaughtering it since their triumphant return – I refer to The Lonely Island, who already made waves over here on Y,WGAV! with I Just Had Sex. Now, they’ve given us not one, but two videos to promote their sophomore Turtleneck and Chain, another excercise in post-SNL hilarity, brilliant cameos and more dick jokes than you can poke a non-sexual stick at.

First up is a video for the first track on the album, entitled We’re Back! This brilliant rip on hip-hop bravado is boosted especially by the imagery in this video – filmed entirely in black and white, with plenty of sunglasses and TMI visualisations of the guys’ supposedly tiny dicks. There’s lots of dick jokes, by the way, so perhaps keep small children away from this entry – although, I’d be grateful for any clicks my way…

I digress! Video number two sees the guys team up with former mullet-toting crooner Michael Bolton for a ridiculous club jam that is offset by Bolton’s choruses about the Pirates of the Carribean marathon he just watched on TV. Seeing Bolton dressed up like a pirate is worth your time on its own, but the entire video is worth a look – for my money, it’s probably the funniest one they’ve made since I’m On a Boat way back in 2009. Everyone kills it here – it’s always a great sign of not taking yourself too seriously that you can temporarily join a comedy-rap troup and send yourself up a bit. Get amongst it!

Watch This Now: The Lonely Island feat. Akon – “I Just Had Sex”

“It sure felt good when I did it with my penis…”

Hey gang, sorry for the lack of updates – have been bedridden with what my mother has described as a “seasonal cold” that’s still raging about my nose. Not fun, but at least watching plenty of music videos has kept things bearable. Like this instant classic, for instance – it premiered on Sunday in Australia to roughly 300 views, and it’s at almost eight million right now. Can you imagine? That said, I’d like to think at least 10% of this was myself and my younger brother learning all the words…

The Lonely Island, the real stars of Saturday Night Live right now, broke out in 2009 with their debut album Incredibad – the hits like I’m On A Boat and Jizz In My Pants were instant and practically unforgettable. They’re looking to recreate that magic with a new, as-yet-untitled record in 2011, and I reckon they just might be in with a chance. This stupidly funny video features a handful of cameos – including a very well disguised Jessica Alba – and some brilliantly OTT scenarios featuring Senegalese chipmunk Akon that may or may not involve shooting fireworks out of his crotch.

What really sells this video for me, though, is Andy Samberg. You’ve just gotta love every second that guy is on screen – from his Jim Carrey-esque facial expressions to his suave mock-attempts at looking cool, you can’t go wrong with this guy when there’s a camera in front of him. Man-crush? Why would I deny it? If you haven’t been one of the millions to already get involved, then get sexy with The Lonely Island below…

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