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Watch This Now: Brendan Maclean – “Winner”

“You haven’t got my awkward silence, or my three ways of acting…”

I believe in Brendan Maclean. The same way Cher believes in life after love, or the way Harvey Dent believes in Harvey Dent. I’m sure I’ve explained our history far more eloquently and in far greater detail in one of the several other times he’s appeared here. All you need to know is that he’s back, on the attack, with a fellow Mac – Paul Mac, that is; who was also behind February’s Stupid. The guys behind that video have returned as well, namely directors Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston. To top it all off, this too is a single-shot video… yep, just like Stupid.

You might think I’m being back-handed here, but I’m actually quite excited that B-Mac has started properly carving his niche into this grandiose style of buzzing pop; with some truly awesome visuals to accompany it. As soon as you realise that we’re in the midst of a “backwards” video, more and more questions begin to arise – namely, how did Brendan end up in his underwear? What is he doing on a race track? Why is there glitter all over the field? Patience, young grasshopper. All will be revealed once we retrace our steps… well, most will be revealed, at least. Given this video focuses squarely on Maclean, it’s up to him and him alone to keep you entertained and intrigued for the entire runtime. In that regard: Sir, you’re a winner in our books.

Watch This Now: Tanlines – “All of Me”

“So pardon me for asking, pardon me for thinking…”

It says a lot about their devoted fanbase that, even several years after their peak of popularity, the two gents behind The Mighty BooshNoel Fielding and Julian Barratt – are still able to make things cool by association. The latter is what brings us here today, as Barratt turns his eye to music video directing for the first time with New York electro duo Tanlines. It’s already had a stack of views almost entirely on the back of Barratt’s name being attached, but it’s worth noting that All of Me is far from a bandwagon jump.

The video maintains the absurdist quirkiness that made Boosh – particularly within its first season – so appealing. In a dimly-lit room full of senior citizens, a mysterious figure enters with a video (yes, an actual video for a VHS!), puts it on and shares Tanlines’ performance with the group. At first, they remain statuesque – until one brave soul cannot contain the rhythm within and gets up to… dance? I’m not entirely sure dance is the right word. It’s delightfully done from a choreography perspective, though; creating something dark and unexpected yet somehow undeniably joyous. See what you make of it.

Watch This If You Dare: Strange Talk – “Climbing Walls”

“Run and break the chain, I hope we get away someday…”

Some bands make it very clear about what they want out of their career through the creative expression medium that is music videos. Here’s some things that I’ve learned about the band Strange Talk, who I believe are Australian, through the video for their latest single. Firstly, they’re desperate. Desperate to be cool, desperate to be trendy and very desperate to be British. I mean, REALLY. LOOK at this fucking video – it’s more or less a rip-off of the style of vid you’d see from Klaxons or Friendly Fires, complete with the shiny cinematography and the humongous overselling found in the band’s miming along to their song.

They’re also corporate cocksuckers, too – this video is billed as “The first ever music video with colourful hidden rewards.” In other words, running a cheap as shit competition by feeding off said band’s desperation. Don’t you just love it? Seriously such a pathetic idea, and the pre-announcement of it when the video starts just makes it feel even more tacky than it normally would be – and that’s saying something. Anyway, I’ve ranted long enough – just take a squiz at the kind of excrement we’re going to be racing up the charts before too long.

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