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Watch This Now: The Stuff We May Have Missed… Part Two

But  wait! There’s more!


Oliver Clark – Atomic Thrust

He’s the man with the sexiest voice in comedy and suits that could make Paul F. Tompkins look like a hobo. Yes indeed, the housewives’ choice Oliver Clark is one for the ages. For the title track of his new album, he decided to put his pelvis to the test; subsequently delivering one of the flat-out funniest videos of the year.

Blood Orange – Chamakay

In which Devonte Hynes goes home. Well, in a traditional sense, anyway. Visiting Guyana for the first time ever, Dev makes his way around the beautiful area and connects with the townsfolk. Parallels can easily be drawn with frequent collaborator Solange‘s wonderful video for Losing You, but not even that can match the tender beauty of seeing Hynes meet and speak with his grandfather for the first time ever. Stunning.

They Might Be Giants – You’re on Fire

They’ve been getting weird since before you were born and they show absolutely zero signs of slowing their roll. Here, they give a spin to the opening track on their sixteenth(!) album, allowing some mince meat to take lead vocals while the gorgeous Lauren Lapkus from Orange is the New Black dances around the kitchen preparing to send it to its impending doom. Because of COURSE that’s what they would come up with.

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

A lot of people have asked me about this one. Where do I stand? What do I make of it? Now, I’ll be the first to admit it needed an editor, and maybe some restraint on the more… shall we say… ‘out there’ moments. When she’s staring straight down the barrel of the camera, though? I simply cannot deny it. It’s gripping, and it’s honest, and it’s the most real that we’ve ever seen the girl born Destiny Hope Cyrus.

Arcade Fire – Reflektor

What an exciting time to be an AF fan. As the band bravely venture into what may be their weirdest album to date, we’re treated to what may be their weirdest video to date for the album’s title track. Late-night roadtrippin’, mirror suits, giant paper-mache heads, tricked-out caskets… I mean, I’ll be damned if I know what it all means at this point. It looks pretty amazing, though; don’t you agree? What a thrilling video.

Fall Out Boy feat. Big Sean – The Mighty Fall

The saga continues. This year, Fall Out Boy have been releasing music videos for every song from their Save Rock & Roll LP; following a conceptual story about the four members and a secret briefcase which has contents only they (and the villains of the series) know about. There’s been aspects of Stockholm syndrome and Clockwork Orange-esque ultra-violence thus far, and the madness continues here with some all-new characters. Kudos for keeping them guessing, boys.

The Polyphonic Spree – Let Them Be

Following on from the parallel universe of the You Don’t Know Me video, the Spree get animated on the second video from their excellent Yes, It’s True. album. Director Ben Rowe takes the song into a lush dreamscape, enlisting the help of dozens of creepy-crawlies, frogs, aliens and what appears to be an avocado. No, really, it’ll all make sense once you’ve seen it. Well, okay, I won’t make any promises…

Moby feat. Wayne Coyne – The Perfect Life

Oh, come on! It’s Moby and Wayne Coyne in mariachi suits. What joy! What pure, unadulterated awesome have we found ourselves with? If you don’t get a smile out of this one, your heart is dead as dead can be. That’s all that can be said!

Watch This Now: Blood Orange – “Champagne Coast”

“Finishing eight or nine, tell me what’s the perfect time…”

Do you think Blood Orange will EVER break more than double digits on a music video budget? Their last kitschy escapade, Forget It, was a super-simple video filmed entirely on VHS. This time around, Dev Hynes has gone for a late-90s internet feeel, creating a virtual reality that feels as camp and outdated as the official Space Jam website. Yeah, go and look it up. It still exists.

Anyways, the scene is set in a high-rise apartment, with plenty of luxurious items and gorgeous women spread about the place. The catcher is this: it’s all 2D. Well, 3D technically, but it’s been stretched out from 2D to appear 3D. Does that make sense? It all comes together when you view the clip. It’s so late 90s that it even lags in parts, just to add that comically ironic “futuristic” look. This is a completely naff video, but it’s done so unashamedly that it kind of becomes brilliant. Who’d have thunk it, right? If Dev can keep making videos this good for this cheap, he’s set. He’s back in the country at the end of next month for shows opening for Florence + The Machine. Flo fans, proceed at your own risk. Everyone else, get thee to a dancefloor!

Watch This Now: Blood Orange – “Forget It”

“Poor me, poor you, poor us, a fuss, a fight, so I sat outside…”

How about this for some retro cool? Blood Orange – aka Dev Hynes, aka Lightspeed Champion – has filmed the latest video from his Coastal Grooves record in VHS. The guy has always had a fascination with the uncool and the kitsch, even back in his days with Test Icicles, and one would suppose that this video for my personal favourite track off the record, Forget It, is taking said fascination to its logical conclusion. Whatever the case, it’s great fun.

This is a very tongue-in-cheek video, wheeling out a variety of cliches and mocking them delightfully. There’s the emotionless girl, waiting for her lover. There’s Dev’s inexplicable need to drop everything and start playing guitar. There’s the gratuitious miming in completely irrelevant parts of the video. Hell, Hynes even manages to make fun of his own dress sense, as he struggles to pick out which ironic basketball cap to wear with his outfit. Truly fantastic in its own dorky way, this is probably the best introduction to Blood Orange that you’re going to get. He’ll be back in Australia this May, opening for Florence + The Machine in what is sure to be one of the strangest support slots of the year. Can’t wait to see how that goes down.

Old Favourites: Lightspeed Champion – “Galaxy of the Lost”

“Hate to think what would happen if I started to drink like you…”

Here’s a quick one to wrap up today’s posting. For many a year, I was obsessed with Lightspeed Champion, the project of former Test Icicles dude Dev Hynes. These days he rocks out under the name Blood Orange, but his debut, Falling Under the Lavender Bridge, holds a great deal of sentimental value to me. My first exposure to it came through this video, which was the first single off the record. I absolutely loved the brilliant contrast between Dev looking absolutely miserable and singing this depressing song of heartache and all the colourful puppets just groovin’ around and having a blast. It’s simple, and it’s been done before, but I’ll be damned if I don’t absolutely love it. Have a geeze!

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