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Watch This Now: The Lonely Island feat. Akon – “I Just Had Sex”

“It sure felt good when I did it with my penis…”

Hey gang, sorry for the lack of updates – have been bedridden with what my mother has described as a “seasonal cold” that’s still raging about my nose. Not fun, but at least watching plenty of music videos has kept things bearable. Like this instant classic, for instance – it premiered on Sunday in Australia to roughly 300 views, and it’s at almost eight million right now. Can you imagine? That said, I’d like to think at least 10% of this was myself and my younger brother learning all the words…

The Lonely Island, the real stars of Saturday Night Live right now, broke out in 2009 with their debut album Incredibad – the hits like I’m On A Boat and Jizz In My Pants were instant and practically unforgettable. They’re looking to recreate that magic with a new, as-yet-untitled record in 2011, and I reckon they just might be in with a chance. This stupidly funny video features a handful of cameos – including a very well disguised Jessica Alba – and some brilliantly OTT scenarios featuring Senegalese chipmunk Akon that may or may not involve shooting fireworks out of his crotch.

What really sells this video for me, though, is Andy Samberg. You’ve just gotta love every second that guy is on screen – from his Jim Carrey-esque facial expressions to his suave mock-attempts at looking cool, you can’t go wrong with this guy when there’s a camera in front of him. Man-crush? Why would I deny it? If you haven’t been one of the millions to already get involved, then get sexy with The Lonely Island below…

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