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Watch This Now: Andy Bull – “Baby I am Nobody Now”


“I could be one in a million, baby, but I’m nobody now…”

Normally, I don’t link to photos but I really want you to check out Daniel Boud‘s work, so go click on Andy’s gorgeous face there to see more stunning portraits like this one. One of the finest photographers in the country – perhaps one of the best Aussie photographers ever? He’d have my vote. Anyway, let’s move on. Andy Bull, everyone! Yeah, he nailed the comeback single and video combination with the bizarre Keep on Running a little while back, and I guess he figured he could go two from two with the release of Baby I am Nobody Now. Guess what? Bullseye! Yeah, don’t act like you didn’t see what I did there.

The video for Baby… takes us into an extended movie trailer, staring the man himself in the lead role. He plays an estranged loner, attempting to get his life back together through meagre jobs and quiet introspection. He begins to long for how his life used to be, and a series of flashbacks assist with it. Be sure to look out for a few of the old friends, as Sydney music/media-heads will definitely recognise a couple of them. Jake Stone from BluejuiceTim Derricourt from Dappled Cities and even old mate Dan Ilic make apperances. Maybe it was just for the trainspotters, but I thought it was a really cool touch. This is potentially the best clip that Mr. Bull has ever done – I love the pacing and the imagery, which meld into the song and its themes perfectly. I thought it would be good to kick off the week in such a triumphant fashion. Hope this sticks with you for the rest of the day!

Watch This Now: Andy Bull – “Keep On Running”

“The mark on the wall that you kick, when you fight in the dead of the night…”

Oh, hey! It’s Andy Bull! Y’know, Andy? Oh come on, he was everywhere for awhile. DogLast Waltz! Yeah, old mate. That’s the guy. Handsome fucker. Bachelor of The Year nominee. Piano man. Yeah, yeah, you’re catching my drift. He’s been on here before. Twice. And now he’s back! Yep, Bully Boy has got himself a brand new video. It’s pretty exciting stuff, really! Good to have him back.

What’s that? You want me to tell you about the video? Hmmm. Well, we might have some difficulty there. Y’see, I normally don’t admit to such things in such a blatant fashion, but I genuinely have no flippin’ idea what in actual shit is going on in this video. There’s a hunky dude in glasses who’s lifting weights in time with the song, some old lady stamping paper in time with the song, a birthday cake being blown out, a series of Babushka suitcases being packed an unpacked. My guess is AB has had a nice little acid trip and wrote down what happened – right down to the extras getting their lip-syncing wrong. I’m dazed and confused, people. But I’ll be damned if I’m not impressed. It all just tessellates. It meshes together beautifully. I’ll have what Andy’s having.

Watch This Now: Andy Bull – “Phantom Pains”

“Yesterday, I woke myself with such an awful feeling…”

Welcome back to Y,WGAV! for 2011! More information about the Top 30 Videos of the Year later on in the week, but I thought I’d kick off the year with a great Aussie artist. Last year (ooh, exciting! I can say “last year” now!), I did a blog about Andy Bull and his video for Young Man – at the time, he didn’t have a video to promote anything off his Phantom Pains EP. As you can see, the tide has turned since that blog!

This is a decidedly bizarre video involving paintball suits, blood, some crazy dude and the chopping off of one’s thumb. Watch it once and it makes no sense, watch it twice and it makes a little bit of sense, and then from the third viewing onwards it goes back to making no sense! Whatever your interpretation, it’s incredibly intriguing, well-shot and certain to get heads turned.

Old Favourites: Andy Bull – “Young Man”

“Living is just about people and love, and the rest you can forget it…”

Here’s a shout-out to a very talented dude and someone I’m very proud to know, Mr. Andy Bull. I’ve just followed the Clare Bowditch tour for two nights, where he opened each show and just nailed it. He’s really coming into his own as a songwriter and performer, so I thought I’d show some respect where respect is due and talk about one of his videos. Sadly, he hasn’t yet put videos to anything off his Phantom Pains EP, so I’ve gone with a favourite track of mine from his debut album, last year’s We’re Too Young.

Young Man features a tonne of cool effects, making it look like several Andys at once through clever split-screen and mirror imagery – remember those crazy wall of mirrors things from when you used to go to the circus? A bit like that. It’s a cute and simple video, and also shows Andy’s former hairstyle – he’s gone for the short, tussled hair now but it used to tangle all the way down to his shoulders. Very chique. Anyways, I really love this video, and the man himself – see what you think.

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