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Watch This Now: Aluka – “Keep My Cool”

“I’m trying to keep my cool, but you’re looking so good…”

In 2010, I fell in love. With three different women. At the exact same time. I knew them only as The Lady Garden at the time, the three impeccably dressed and perfectly-harmonised backing vocalists of Clare Bowditch and the New Slang. It wasn’t until later on that I discovered my triple-threat crush to have another collective name – Aluka. The magic in their voices continues to flourish in their original material, and now they even have a gorgeous little video to go along with their new single. Perfection!

Keep My Cool was directed by Alice Glenn, who is no stranger to having her work featured on the blog. Her video with Otouto, the No Lights No Lycra collaboration W. Hilliar, was one of my favourite videos of 2010, placing at number 26 in my top 30. Here, she brings a jittery, aerobic style of choreography to Aluka, bringing a sweetness and charm to their song, mixed in with some great editing work and some very cute dresses. Can’t pick a fave among the three, and thus my triple-crush continues. Wanna get a smoothie sometime, you guys? I’m not mental, and I have an extensive knowledge of beards and indie rock from 2004. Surely that’s incentive…

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