Top 30 Videos of 2013: 20 – 16

Happy happy joy joy! We finally got around to getting up this week’s part. Parts one and two are here for your viewing pleasure. Now, onwards!


20. The Tongue – Australian Dreaming
Directed by Caroline Tresise

Xannon Shirley – aka The Tongue – isn’t the kind of dude to be untoward about his ambitions. He puts a lot of heart and soul into what he does, and I love him for it. Here, he’s made one of the best Australian videos of 2013 – and there’s a strong emphasis on Australian; given the issues that he is tackling both musically and visually. Each character portrayed has a purpose – no-one is vilified or humiliated, simply shown on their own particular walk of life. It’s excellent viewing – really makes you wish there were more Aussie hip-hop videos like it.

Read my original post on Australian Dreaming here.

19. Dune Rats! – Red Light, Green Light (Green Version)
Directed by Pilerats

What can you say about this utterly ridiculous video that hasn’t already been said? The lovable burnouts of Dune Rats paid homage to their friends in DZ Deathrays the only way they knew how – getting unceremoniously stoned in a very short amount of time. There is nothing more to this video, and there absolutely does not need to be. It’s just stupid fun that requires little more than a shaka and a “yewwww” in celebration of its existence.

Read my original post on Red Light, Green Light here.

18. Laura Imbruglia – Awoooh!
Directed by Karl Siemon and Stephen Nicolazzo

Some weird shit tends to go down when there’s a full moon – especially if you have as outlandish an imagination as your mate and mine Laura Imbruglia. For this comically spooky and proudly low-budget affair, Laura seeks the attention of the hottest guy in the club; while a dorky basketball player vies for her attention. Of course, the night is young – what happens next is anyone’s guess. Camp, cartoony and wickedly funny. Howling forever.

Read my original post on Awoooh! here.

17. Just Blaze & Baauer featuring Jay Z – Higher
Directed by Nabil

Holy shit. Nabil, who is quickly becoming one of my favourite directors, goes all grandiose on us here; opting for a “short film” over a music video. It carries a similar intensity to Hey Jane, my #1 video of 2012 – as the tension builds, you are drawn in further to the lives of the characters and the balance it strikes between pure fantasy and harsh reality. The whole thing looks fantastic, and although it’s cracked a million views it feels like it deserves so much more.

16. Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band – Bad Dancer
Directed by Ben Dickinson

The oldest person in the entire list by some margin is also probably the coolest – Yoko Ono has made a career out of not giving a fuck, and rarely has that been more prevalent than in this fantastic video. Enlisting the help of some similarly cool non-fuck-givers – Ira Glass?uestloveReggie Watts and the surviving Beastie Boys – Ono brings her simple, effective style of weirdness to the forefront. Bad Dancer pretty much does what it says on the tin. War is over – let’s dance like nobody’s watching.


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