Watch This Now: Boy and Bear – “Three-Headed Woman”

“It’s just one of those days, I can’t stop thinking about you…”

It’s been an awesome time for great Australian artists that I respect the hell out of climbing the charts. Horrorshow and Dead Letter Circus both debuted in the top 5, Rüfüs of all bands took out #1 last week and this week’s top position belonged to Boy and Bear. I’m certainly not going to claim to be someone who’s been with this band from the very beginning, but I did see them when they played the tiny stage at Homebake back in 2009 after winning an Unearthed competition when they were but a four-piece. It’s been nothing short of impressive watching Dave Hosking and co. continue their ascent from therein. They make smart, sharp and harmonious folk rock. Is it groundbreaking? Not particularly. But they’re certainly not trying to be. They are what they are, and they’ve worked hard enough and put in enough into their craft to earn my respect and appreciation for their work.

The other week we had Mr. Tim Hart, the band’s drummer, vocalist and – in my humble opinion – the heart and soul of the band (pun intended) as a guest on the blog. When introducing his pick – Junip‘s Always – he said the following which I found quite interesting.

For me, when I look at film clips, I like to see something new and fresh, rather than the age-old band performance clip.

That’s something that has definitely been achieved here in the second video to be lifted from the band’s Harlequin Dream album. The entire thing takes place in slow-motion, which might cause some degree of dizziness or even inertia. Lock into the right headset, though, and you can immerse yourself in this simple yet alluring town street. A beautiful young woman walks by herself, leered at by two hoons roaring past – well, as much as one can roar while in slow-mo – in their wagon. At first, she ignores it – which is completely understandable. It’s never worth giving dicks like them the time of day. There comes a breaking point, however. When it comes, you’ll know. Oh, how you’ll know. It’s such a plain – even minimalist – concept for a video, and I’m happy to admit that it’s one that potentially could not have worked. I’m even happier to admit, however, that they’ve made this one work really well.


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