Watch This Now: The Polyphonic Spree – “You Don’t Know Me”

“You move around, you say goodbye to them…”

Oh hey, it’s The Polyphonic Spree! Gee, you guys are looking well. Really well. Is that a new haircut? And you’ve lost weight – wow, you’re down to sixteen members! Very slim. I just have to introduce you to the gang – guys, this is the Polyphonic Spree. You probably remember them from around the mid-2000s – the robes were bright and colourful, the songs were bright and colourful and their 2004 album, Together We’re Heavy, was an unstoppable beast of sunshine. They’ve been a little quiet as of late, but we’re very happy to have them back with Yes, It’s True., their first studio album of original material in about six years.

This right here is the lead single as well as the opening number to Yes, It’s TrueDirector Albert Moya takes us into a world where the adults are long gone, but it’s not in a juvenile blink-182 sort of way. In fact, one adult remains – but you’ll find out about that later. Our story centres around a young woman, seemingly locked away in some sort of self-imposed solitary confinement. It’s not long before she descends into cabin fever and her apartment begins to get torn up. She’s out, onto the street and bound for a bizarre underground club. Some shit’s going down here, but initially it’s not going to be all to clear exactly what that is. All I can tell you is that it’s only going to get stranger from this juncture.

The dark overtones and the confronting imagery are really not becoming of a band as bright and technicolour as TPS. Realistically, this isn’t a clip that should work. And yet, like light to the flies, I can’t help but be engrossed by this surreal alternate reality. I guess it’s as definitive a comeback statement as you’re likely to see this year.

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