Watch This If You Dare: Lady Gaga – “Applause”

“Pop culture was an art, now art’s a pop culture in me…”

Has there ever been a more conflicted relationship than between Lady Gaga and Yes, We’ve Got a Video!? Man, not even Perez Hilton can match our bad blood. There was a time when Mother Monster was creating some truly awesome videos. She even took out the #1 position in our inaugural Top 30 Videos of the Year list back in 2010 for the inimitable Telephone. After that, things began to sour. The video for Alejandro was dreary and confusing, the video for Judas even more so. And the video for The Edge of Glory was fucking atrocious. I don’t recall even bothering with the video for Marry the Night.

I was done. Then, I saw her live on the Born This Way Ball last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself. She’s an entertainer, I thought. Can’t take that away from her. Look at this spectacle. It’s all eyes on her. Maybe her inevitable comeback will recapture some of that magic that made me a fan to begin with. Who knows? Well, here we are. The video for the already-underwhelming single Applause is here. I genuinely didn’t think there could be a bigger mess of a video after the Edge of Glory debacle; but even this is giving it a substantial run for its money. The effects are lazy, the imagery borders on desperate – seriously, Gaga’s head on a fucking swan?!? – and even the choreography is substantially lacking. The fact that it treads much closer water to her “Weird Al” Yankovic parody video, Perform This Way, says a lot about how far down the rabbit hole things have gotten. This, friends, does not bode well for the rest of 2013 in GagaLand. Proceed at own risk.


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