Watch This Now: Super Best Friends – “Round and Round”

“Next to him, next to her, messages well-rehearsed…”

I honestly couldn’t give you many reasons to want to live in Canberra. It’s cold, it’s far away from everything, the live scene is more or less dead in the water and it’s fucking COLD! I’ve had some good nights in Canberra, I won’t lie, but it was made all the better knowing that I got to go home afterward. Anyway, what’s the point of all this? Well, there’s a nifty little rock band from Canberra called Super Best Friends. A couple of them (perhaps all three?) work in the Canberra Press Gallery, and used their positions to make a video for their new single pretty much from a day on the job. They asked a stack of pollies to appear in their video – and, amazingly, a lot of them did. Including the two most powerful men in Australian politics right now.

Straight up, I am giving SBF the most credit for their fucking balls. Imagine walking up to Kevin RuddTony Abbotor even fucking Bob Katter of all people and asking them to be a dick for the camera… well, intentionally, anyway. By some divine intervention, they made it happen; and that’s what Round and Round lives and dies on. It all flies by in the barely-two-minutes it takes for the song to play, and there’s plenty of laughs to go along with in the meantime. My highlights include Clive Palmer having no fucking idea what to do – a fitting inclusion, really – and Rob Oakeshott really getting into the spirit of things. I guess they’re not all evil, lying bastards who hate having fun and enjoy crushing those beneath them… not all the time, anyway.


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