Watch This Now: FKA twigs – “Water Me”

“I promise I can grow tall, while making love is free…”

In the near-fortnight since its release, FKA twigs‘ new video has been one of the most talked about and most shared videos on my feed. I wasn’t familiar with the name – not even by her prior stage name of Twigs – so it quickly dropped to the bottom of the pile. Much like the David Bridie scenario, I fucked up big time leaving it this long. Sure, less than two weeks isn’t that great a deal of time, but I still need to be quicker to the chase. And if any video is going to wake you from that sort of slumber, it’s Water Me. Holy shit.

You’ve seen the head-on, one-take video before. Plenty of times. From classics like Nothing Compares 2 U and No Surprises to Janelle Monae‘s Cold War, which took its rightful spot as one of the best videos of 2010. With that said, you’ve probably never seen the concept tackled quite like this. One more or less can’t take their eyes off her – at one stage, that becomes quite literal, but you’ll know that when it comes to it. It’s a relatively bare-bones presentation of the woman and her music at first, before it delves into the surreal and the jarring. Never breaking eye contact. Always focused. Always engaged. This is definitely a must-see clip. If you haven’t seen it a million times already thanks to your feed, that is. Maybe it’s just me. All I can say is that this is one worth talking about.

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