Watch This Now: Arctic Monkeys – “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”

“Decided that once again, I was just dreaming of bumping into you…”

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a massive Arctic Monkeys fan. Well, not anymore at least. Their last few records have left me pretty cold, and the one time I saw them live at the Big Day Out in 2009 was pretty disappointing. It’s not so much a love/hate relationship as one of complete and utter indifference. With that said, I simply have to give credit where credit’s due. I like this video a lot. I mean, I really, really like this video. It’s probably the best clip they’ve done since When the Sun Goes Down off their brilliant debut record, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. For context, that was four albums and roughly eight years ago. So it’s a pretty big deal.

This marks the second single from their fifth album, AM, and it appears as though something’s afoot at the start of the video. What’s going on, then? Alex Turner has had a big night out with the other Monkeys. Y’know, monkeying around and all that. He’s trying to get some late-night action with a girl he’s into. After she doesn’t respond to his first text, he’s off into the night. What follows is a journey of love, lust, fantasy, harsh reality and some quite funny lapses into whatever’s going through Turner’s dirty mind when he gawks at innocent bystanders. While the majority of the band’s videos have been quite lazy – see Cornerstore from 2009, or even the previous video for Do I Wanna Know? – here, there some great effort being put into the conceptuality and pacing of this video. There’s also a hilarious ending, which I shan’t give away but strongly recommend sticking around for. Maybe this is the start of something special, maybe it’s a one-off. All I know is that AM have kicked a goal here.


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