Watch This Now: Bliss n Eso – “Act Your Age”

“You’re livin’ it like it’s all the movies, still killin’ shit on Call of Duty…”

Is it somewhat of a paradox to call one of Australia’s most successful acts underrated? Yes, Bliss n Eso have broken through to the mainstream with gold albums, sell-out shows and popular singles… and yet they are just so often maligned, insulted, thrown to the proverbial wolves. It’s just so utterly uncool to like these guys now – and, although I can see why (their ratty fanbase constantly starts fights at their shows and give the band a bad rap), I truly don’t think they deserve it. I’m not their #1 fan or anything, but sometimes they just know how to deliver the goods for some fun, interesting hip-hop.

Take this whole dealio for example, which samples from the Bluejuice hit from a couple of years ago, Act Yr Age. Thankfully, BnE haven’t decided to replicate that video… however, we do get ourselves a nice wild party from the crew. There’s a stack of random people in there, like the little boy from Channel [V] with the afro and that guy from YouTube, Alex Williamson; who recently got called out by Briggs for a racist Tweet and proved to be a bit of a coward in the whole thing. As such, I’m less cool now with him than I ever have been – and I found his comedy to be overrated in the first place. But we’re getting sidetracked. When there’s as much fun to be had here, you don’t want to get distracted. There’s pool partying, there’s wild dancing… and, naturally, Jake and Stav from Bluejuice end up with their shirts off. It always ends with that. At least, it bloody well should.


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