Watch This Now: Mumford and Sons – “Hopeless Wanderer”

“Shelter also gave their shade, but in the dark I have no name…”

A few things I’d like to talk about before I get onto today’s top video. Firstly, I just want to say how fucking bored I am with the hate towards Mumford and Sons. Trying to take them down a peg in 2013 is like trying to tell everyone how shit Britney is in 2007, or how slutty you think Ke$ha is in 2010. It’s lazy, it’s boring, it’s cheap, it’s Pavlovian, it’s unchallenging and it makes you sound like a dreary rock pig attempting to talk “street” with the “kids” about their “popular musics.” Just… just fucking shut up, okay? No-one thinks you’re clever – literally, if someone thinks you’re clever, they’re a no-one.

Point number two: As much as I fucking hate M&S hate (I’m not even a massive fan), I truly cannot stand bands that take themselves too seriously. It’s in this regard that I can sort of see where the backlash has come from for Marcus and the boys – by all means make “serious” music, but have your wits about you and never make it seem like what you’re doing is a chore. Loosen up, and learn to laugh at yourself – you and your music are never as important as you make them out to be.

Okay, so we’ve got both of those points out of the way: Let’s talk about this new Mumford and Sons video that you’ve no doubt seen busying your feed the past few days. In replacement of the four band members, four comedians have taken their place – namely Saturday Night Live‘s Jason SudekisThe Hangover‘s Ed HelmsArrested Development‘s Jason Bateman and MacGruber himself, Will Forte. I love all four of these guys on an individual basis, so perhaps I was always predisposed to enjoying this video. But holy hell, did these four go above and beyond the call of duty.

Hopeless Wanderer is by no means one of the better tracks on Babel, but much like OKGO, it’s not so much about the song. There’s too much fun to be had here to worry about something as petty as the song itself. There’s fake beards, fake tears and all-too-real makeout sessions. Bateman thrashes away on a banjo, Forte sways with his double bass and all four glide down the river in their boat. It’s never cruel or taunting, but it does give a very obvious nod to the fact that M&S aren’t always the most cheery of gents. Don’t worry yourself over something like whether you’re being “tricked” into liking Mumford and Sons. People attempting to tell you that are complete fucking morons. Just settle down, now. It’s only folk rock. They’re just comedians. Nobody’s going to get hurt, and that’s the most important thing.


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