Watch This Now: iwrestledabearonce – “Boat Paddle”

“My fingertips are filled with shards, my open palm is filled with blood…”

Are there any hardcore/metalcore/whatevercore bands that have as much fun doing what they do as iwrestledabearonce? I’m struggling here. Maybe Totally Unicorn, but I’d have to say that the IWABO kids are very close to the top. They do everything with such goofball campness that it’s hard not to be sucked in by their charm and complete lack of pretension. I always feel bad for people that aren’t in on the joke – I saw them twice in November of last year and there were so many kids trying to hate-mosh away like it was Parkway Drive or something. This is no place for your angry boy bullshit, y’all!

Case in point: Check out the super-rad, kickflip-inducing new video from their third studio album, Late for Nothing; which is also their first album to feature new vocalist Courtney LaPlante. She’s awesome, and she cements her awesome here as the leader of the very colourful Power Rangers-esque superhero squadron that they morph into. Why, you ask? Duh – there’s a wizard with a butt for a face that wants to destroy the earth. Oldest trick in the book, right? As if we haven’t heard that one before. Naturally, they camp it up with the kind of cheesy slapstick that won me over in the first place. Also, for trainspotters: Their phone rings with the Mexican car-horn sound from Tastes Like Kevin Bacon. Yes, I am a complete nerd. But hey, so are iwrestledabearonce. It all works out!


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