Watch This Now: Silversun Pickups – “Dots and Dashes (Enough Already)”

“I’ll show you my private things, like my scrapbook of fantasies…”

One of the greatest experiences of my life was mid-November last year, in which I ended up going to a major international artist’s show every single day of the week. This included a two-day trip to Adelaide, where I saw today’s topic Silversun Pickups along with The Dandy Warhols. Not only had they been one of the most important bands of my life for the past five or so years, they had also just released one of my favourite records of the year in Neck of the Woods. It was surreal, both being in a completely foreign city and seeing (then later meeting) one of most-loved bands.

We’re now coming up to 15 months give-or-take since the album’s release; and although they have a slew of festival appearances still to come in 2013, the promotional trail for Neck of the Woods is coming to a close. It’s with this that we get the video for the album’s forth and final single – and what a way to go out. For many people, their first exposure to SSPU comes via the inimitable Lazy Eye single – more specifically, the song’s video; which focused in on awkward attempt at young love. Several years on, the clip for Dots and Dashes takes a similar approach.

Removing the band from proceedings entirely, the video follows a young, innocent girl who chances upon a rebellious soul on a bike. They like what they see in one another, and spend their day breaking into houses, jumping on beds and seemingly falling for one another. It’s gorgeously shot – I love the filters used, as well as the intimate close-ups that draw you into their seemingly-wordless relationship. The editing is also spectacularly done, to the degree where I was genuinely left wondering as to whether the whole thing was in the running girl’s head the entire time. It’s difficult to make something like this work over a five-minute music video, but Dots and Dashes is an exhilarating experience. Give it a try.


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