Watch This Now: FIDLAR – “Cocaine”

“They say it kills, but they don’t know when…”

How’s this for multi-tasking? FIDLAR (Fuck It Dog, Life’s a Risk) are in Australia right now. They just played at Splendour in the Grass over the weekend and they’re playing in Sydney tomorrow night at the Oxford Art Factory (shameless plug, ticket still available etc). And yet, across on the other side of the world, they’re still managing to create a bit of chaos. How do they manage such a feat? Simple – they’ve just made a video for the last song on their awesome self-titled LP, and have brought out the big guns for it.

Yes, that grizzled bastard you see at the centre of Cocaine is none other than Ron Swanson himself, the hilarious man-beast that is Nick Offerman. Nearly unrecognisable with his salt-and-pepper beard, he begins the video by being told via text message that he’s been fired from his job. On his day off. While he’s in his shed. What follows is a furious, dick-swinging (literally) rampage across town. It’s puerile, it’s slightly gross and it’s more than a bit ridiculous. In other words, it’s right up my ally. What a fantastic effort from this collaboration. I’m going to be good for the rest of the year in the hope that we get it happening again before 2013 is all over.

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