Watch This Now: Nick van Breda – “The World and the Everyday”

“You know revolution is still just a t-shirt away…”

As a constant face on Sydney’s alt/indie/rock/whatever music scene, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Nick van Breda around if you consider yourself somewhat of a regular. From his days drumming up a storm for Staying at Home to his recent banjo-slinging work with Pinch Hitter, the guy continues to be one of the hardest-working (and, it has to be noted, loveliest) guys in Sydney town. So, why are we talking about him today? Well, because – believe it or not, as it’s a bit out of the ordinary for this blog – Nick’s got a video!

So, what kind of hijinks can we expect from NvB? Well, he’s teamed up with James Mackay, a Perth-based director, to create a bright, picturesque interpretation of the song’s struggle to compromise big dreams with mundane tasks. Mackay takes Nick from his bedroom and into the big, bright world; guitar in tow and a fancy car to cruise about in. The cinematography and the locations used are nothing short of gorgeous, and it culminates beautifully. How? Yeah, I’m not gonna say. The joy that comes with its surprise is what makes the video for me. Also, for the geeks: Look out for some cameos from two-thirds of Milhouse; aka the Top 10-placing band of the best videos of 2012. How wonderful life is!


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