Watch This Now: Pixies – “Bagboy”

“Like a small bird pretty, while it’s crapping on a new day…”

Well, goddamn! Here’s something I didn’t think I’d be posting in 2013: We have a new Pixies song and video, everybody! Not too long ago, we heard news that Kim Deal had officially left the band, leading most – if not all – to assume that this would be the last we’d hear from the band. Imagine the surprise, then, when we discover that not only are the band continuing on, but they have new material on the way – their first original song in nearly ten years!

The visual accompaniment for Bagboy features none of the remainingPixies themselves – as is well documented, they never did enjoy making videos. Rather, they’ve left the job up to director duo Lamar + Nik; who take the ball and run with it into a world of smoke bombs, reckless abandon and potentially the coolest bath you’ll see in 2013. I love the way they’ve captured the oddity of both the song and the Pixies in general, sending this kid in as a spokesman for all the weirdness that is sure to ensue when the Pixies eventually release another record. Will Kim be missed? Of course. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this, though, can we?


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  1. […] her thing. Not long after that, we got Bagboy, the first new Pixies number in nearly 10 years. An insane video followed. It was promoted bigtime and plastered all over the place. They wanted to make a definitive, big […]

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