Watch This Now: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Despair”

“There through my wasted days, you’re there through my wasted nights…”

Yay, it’s Yeah Yeah Yeahs time! I’ve gone on a bit about my love for this band and their videos, from 2003’s Maps all the way up to this year’s Sacrilege clip. That relationship has not changed at all with the release of Despair, a song I never would have picked to be a single but am ultimately so very, very happy that it was selected. It was one of the highlights of their Sydney show, and the magic has certainly been captured here.

It begins with Karen O drunkenly singing, seemingly to herself, in a bar. The a capella take here really emphasises what a unique and striking voice she has, building up the atmosphere of the video itself. Such a bold and stark open has never been seen before in a YYYs clip – but, then again, neither has the Empire State Building. That’s right – Kaz, Brian and Nick have found themselves atop it in what can only be described as an immense, powerful spectacle that builds up along with the song to create something really wondrous and sweet. Yeah, there’s elements of performance in here – which is normally a Neddy No-No. But seriously, YOU watch Karen dancing near the last chorus and tell me you don’t feel something.


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