Watch This Now: Paramore – “Anklebiters”

“Why you wanna play someone, and leave yourself to drop dead?”

Paramore are awesome. I just genuinely don’t have the time for people who think otherwise. They make immaculate pop songs, Hayley Williams is both an outstanding vocalist and one of the best role models for young women in music today; and, in 2013, they have released their best album yet in the form of a self-titled LP. Tick, tick, tick. I cannot get enough of this lot. With that said, I’m surprised they haven’t found their way onto these parts just yet. Not to worry, of course. They’re here now – and I couldn’t have picked a better time myself.

Anklebiters is one of the more fast-paced and upbeat numbers from the record, so it’s fitting that the video to accompany it is equally all over the place. An entirely animated affair, without a single member of the band to be seen, it’s a series of obscure and immaculately drawn characters that are seemingly caught in a cycle. It’s when said cycle is broken away from – however momentary – that things get really interesting. I loved how much Paramore changed up what they do musically for this record, and in turn am just loving what they’ve done here visually. Why is it so uncool to take a risk like this? Especially when it’s clearly paying off.


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