FEATURED FRIDAYS – My Favourite Video: Tim Adderley

tim adderley live

Tim Adderley is an Australian musician, who is the drummer for post-rock legends sleepmakeswaves.

His favourite videos are Windowlicker by Aphex Twin and Everlong by the Foo Fighters.

Video clips were probably one of my first introductions to music along with my parents’ records. When I was about 5 years old, I lived in an area that only got (bad) ABC reception. I watched Rage every Saturday morning. I probably shouldn’t have been allowed to watch half those clips at that age, but for whatever reason, I got a real buzz out of it. Alice Cooper‘s Poison was a standout. Pretty risqué for a 5 to 7 year old at the time.

Later on in high school, I stayed up late to tape my favorite bands’ clips on my VCR and these days, I often watch them online with my girlfriend and/or friends over a few drinks at home. I still wake up on weekend mornings, turn on the TV and hope to catch an hour or so of new clips over coffee. I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite. I enjoy so many for all kinds of reasons, whether they’re clever, beautiful, shameless or just a band I really like.

Sometimes they’re just so bad, I can’t look away! I am however partial to a clip that’s a bit weird and makes me laugh. So based on that, I would pick the extended version of Windowlicker by Aphex Twin and Everlong by the Foo Fighters.

The extended intro to Windowlicker cracks me up every time. However it’s pretty extreme, so folks who’re easily offended should avoid the start (and probably the whole clip for that matter). From there, there’s a slick solo dance routine… and then it just keeps getting creepier in true Aphex Twin fashion. Everlong has always been a favorite Foo Fighters song of mine, and the clip is just great from start to finish. In particular, the giant telephone, the giant hand and when the characters morph into the band members, a guitar appears from under Pat Smear‘s costume and (the best bit of all) the bed turns into a drum kit!

Both these acts have other great clips as well. These are just a couple that came to mind. Overall, both had me hooked straight away and they’re both cool songs.

sleepmakeswaves are currently in the midst of a national tour. Tonight, they play the first of two shows at the Annandale Hotel. Tickets are available here

The band are also hitting up Newcastle, Melbourne, Port Macquarie, Brisbane, Fremantle, Perth and Adelaide on their “…and so we played everything” tour. For a full run of dates and ticket info, visit the event page here.


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