Watch This Now: Shit Sandwich – “Turdburgers”

“My boss is such a jerk, he makes me work-work-work…”

What are you looking at me like that for? Oh, yeah. That. Yes, friends, I – in all earnestness – am here to deliver a song called Turdburgers by an actual band that is actually called Shit Sandwich to your various orifices. I have already anticipated the questions from the floor, so I will delve directly into the most-common FAQ: YES, the video for the song called Turdburgers by the actual band that is actually called Shit Sandwich is 100% as ridiculous as you would expect.

So, some quick background: Shit Sandwich are a comedy-rock/garage-rock band based in Wollongong. Their pedigree is bands like Slow WavesCarpet and the just-as-charmingly-titled Kitten Death. Some context for the video: As has been documented on this blog, DZ Deathrays released a video a few years ago for The Mess Up. Earlier this year, Dune Rats caused a frenzy when their video for Red Light, Green Light was an homage to the aforementioned clip, trading in beer for bongs. Okay, up to date? Great.

Now, SS have decided to replace beer and/or bongs with their own turdburgers – McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Watching drummer Nik Russo attempt to mime along to the song is hilarious enough, but with a mouthful of burger it just gets all the more ridiculous and entertaining. Definitely not one for the squeamish, but definitely one of the funniest clips I’ve seen in awhile. Shit on!


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