Watch This Now: March of the Real Fly – “Fossil Dreams”

Hey, look who it is! It’s them crazy kids from March of the Real Fly! Good to see these uke-swingin’ cutie pies at it again. They dropped another clip late last year, but it sadly came during our break period and I never got around to it! To quote Eminem: “Don’t think I did that shit intentionally just to diss you!” Anyway, I’m glad I took the 83 seconds it took to watch this video, and the several further 83-second blocks that it would subtract from my life there on out. Once again, these creative little dorks are on to an absolute winner.

The video revolves around the clothes-based antics of keyboardist/vocalist Anita Miles. She recklessly throws her washing on the line and it forms into her ratty bandmates, spreading their boy germs all over the place! She recklessly throws her washing into her local laundromat and it forms into a trio of singing socks! Can our damsel ever catch a break? Who’s to say, really. Anyway, for another tiny-budget affair and with such a limited timeframe to work within, I’d safely say that MotRF have done it yet again. Bless their cotton socks – although preferably not the singing ones. Fuck knows where they’ve been…


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