Watch This Now: Ben Salter – “Semi-Pro Gamer”

“I’m employing every method you’ve ever heard of, I won’t be the victim…”

Straya! Have you guys ever come across Ben Salter? Dude is one of this fine country’s most underrated troubadours, formerly a geet-slinger for The Gin Club and now an endearing lone ranger. It’s a mix of warm folk and dark alt-country, a sound that’s at once uniquely harmonious and obliquely jarring. I really dig this guy, and now I finally have an excuse to be writing about him in this territory. I love it when a plan comes together, don’t you?

A couple of weeks back, he dropped a very nice video for his brand-new single, Semi-Pro Gamer. A collaboration with filmmaker Ian Pownethe video features starkly-shot, red-heavy footage of Ben himself, presumably from the perspective of his computer or console that comes into the equation via the lyrics. Blended in is stock footage of what appears to be both the creation of weaponry and the creation of vintage video games. I could have that all twisted, though; so take my analysis with a grain of salt. Whatever the case, I can assure that this is another great independent Australian clip that is just the right mix of darkness and light. I can’t wait for more of the same.


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