Watch This If You Dare: Buried in Verona – “I am Hate”

“Time is taking its toll on my mistakes, there’s nothing left of me…”

Oh, golly gee, another tough guy metalcore bro-out from a slew of drongos with “fuck” written on the back of their merchandise. Hooray! That’s exactly what my life was missing. Anyway, meet Buried in Verona. They’re a bit like Confession, who we posted earlier in the year, with one guy doing the “RAHH YOU’RE A SLUT” vocals and another guy – who, hilariously, in this instance is a bit of a dead ringer for Parks and Recreation‘s Ron Swanson – who does all the “ooh baby” vocals. Also, much like Confession, they’ve made a hilariously bad video. This must be the new trend!

There’s some kind of plot going through this whole deal, but I’ve got to be honest – I can’t make head nor tail of it. Something about finding a book or something? Who cares? THEY’RE SPINNING! ON LITTLE PLATFORMS! I saw Paul Stanley from KISS doing that back in March, so are BiV going for the cock-rock market? Also, holy SHIT at Ron Swanson’s little fists of anger. Just look at him GO! What conviction! He’s just bro-ing out so hard, it’s truly a sight to see. Can I keep him? Please? He followed me home!

Ahh, where was I?

Oh, yeah, something about this video. Seriously, it’s just hilarious. I can’t believe this went through an entire production team without a single person going “Wait a sec, guys, won’t this video make the band look like insufferable douche-canoes?” Guess not. How about that?

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