Watch This Now: The Uncluded – “The Aquarium”

“Cow of the sea, worlds outside your window stationing…”

So, let me guess. If you’ve been paying any attention in 2013, you’d have noticed two acts keep on popping up. The first is The Lonely Island, the comedy rap kings who just dropped The Wack Album and have given us a slew of outstanding videos to go along with the whole shebang. The other is The Uncluded, who I’m sure you’re more than familiar with by now. Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson have already proven themselves to be the most creative force in hip-hop this year in terms of music videos – and, hell, as long as they keep providing videos as awesome as Earthquake and Delicate Cycle, they’ll keep appearing here.

The latest video treatment is for the song The Aquarium, which fans will note from tours a few years back thanks to the refrain of “please don’t tap on the glass.” It’s a song that attempts to delve into the psyche of the weird and wonderful creatures that exist beyond that aforementioned aquarium glass. Naturally, the video does the same – Aesop and Kimya both play psychiatrists that visit and speak to the sea creatures. Their anxieties and fears are then given human form, which is both sweet and strikingly dark. I didn’t expect the video to quite end up like this, but I’m so very glad that it did. Hell, at this stage I would only be satisfied if we got a video for every track on Hokey Fright – and who knows, it could well happen!


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