Watch This Now: Ball Park Music – “Bad Taste Blues (Part II)”

“Even though I know I’m a lucky boy, I get days when I want to die…”

Hey there! Y’know who I like? Ball Park Music. They’re just the loveliest kids and they make super-fun music. I dunno, they’ve just never flat-out given me a reason to even dislike them to any great degree. Just an affable bunch, really. Their latest clip, and final single from last year’s Museum record, certainly doesn’t hurt their image for me. As a matter of fact, I find them all the more endearing – this may well be their best clip since It’s Nice to Be Alive from a few years back. It’s a very clever affair, throwing a major spanner into the works of your every-day comic book storyline.

Frontman Sam Cromack plays what is supposed to be a dastardly villain. We’ve gone decidedly old-school here, too – he looks like the kind who will tie you to the train tracks and snicker. Anyway, he’s picked out a guy and plans on straight-up ruining his day. It’s all set up for tragedy – and yet, tragedy never comes. Well, it sort of does momentarily. But there’s a twist that comes that I wouldn’t dare give away. Normally, I’m fine with discussing the various plot points of videos – it’s not that critical in most cases. This definitely isn’t most cases, though. I really want you to watch this one – and, if you get a chance, go see them in a few weeks on their Thank Ewes tour. It’s their last of the year as they go hunker down for album number 3. Bad Taste Blues is an awesome send-off. Let’s get villainous.


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