Old Favourites: Kate Ceberano – “Pash”

“Come back into bed, babe, turn off the phone…”

I have no idea why this one came to me the other day, but it somehow ended up in my head for an entire day so I had to go and seek out the video. Kate Ceberano, for those of you playing at home, was a teen pop star in the 80s through her work in the band I’m Talking. She had a handful of hits as a solo act, but the timing of my birth meant I missed most of them. This one landed at just the right time, though. It’s fascinating that it became such a hit for her, given she was in her thirties at the time of release – by no means old, but if you’re a teen musician then it’s certainly considered “past your prime.”

Perhaps Kate was pre-empting the whole cougar thing? Who knows. All I knew was this video was sexy as hell when I was watching it growing up. The single-entendre sexuality of the song hadn’t quite sunk it yet – I genuinely thought the bed in that lyric posted above was just for sleeping. Still, I was immersed in this world of extreme close-ups, cool suits and a brassy, bold woman who wasn’t going into her thirties without a fight.


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