Watch This Now: The Tongue – “Australian Dreaming”

“A work day that finishes at half past four, laws against Nickelback strictly enforced…”

We love our Australian hip-hop here at Y,WGAV! – plenty of it got featured throughout 2012, including BriggsHilltop Hoods and Urthboy. For every backwash-guzzler like Kerser, you’ll find five brilliant MCs doing creative, forward-thinking things. It’s a great balance, and sadly one that’s too often overlooked as the minorities ruin it for the majorities. It’s with this that I’d like to introduce you to The Tongue. He may not be a superstar of the scene just yet, but he puts out consistently good records and bold, challenging songs to mix in with the bangers. Hell, he put out a song decrying homophobia – Never Scared – before Macklemore hit #1 with Same Love. That’s something in itself.

So, what brings us to talk about The Tongue today? I’m glad you asked – in my head, you asked, at least. Tonguey here has just released a video for the second single from his third studio album, Surrender to Victory. It’s entitled Australian Dreaming and I like it. No, as in, I really, really like it. I don’t want to cause any alarm here, but this may well be the best Australian hip-hop video since The Herd‘s definitive 77%. What makes it such an excellent video? Again, I’m glad you asked – you’re asking a stack of great questions today, aren’t you!

Australian Dreaming is a confronting, brutally honest and exceptionally brave video. It depicts Tongue as the everyman – not to mention the everywoman. That’s right: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m 99% certain this is the first Aus hip-hop video to involve cross-dressing, and not as a mockery or as an insult. This really took me aback at first – naturally, doing the same for a few conservative YouTube commenters. Once I understood what he was trying to do, however, it really stuck with me. Every character here, regardless of how society perceives them, is only human at their core. They have the same struggles, the same issues and the same conflicts with identity. Even so, there’s a brighter future for all of them – we just have to allow it to happen. We have to be a part of the solution. Thank you, Xannon. You’ve created something really, really special here.


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