Watch This Now: Kate Miller-Heidke – “Ride This Feeling”

“Just spread my arms and flew, all the way across Canada to see you…”

Ahh, Kate. You invaluable resource of a human, you. Not only did you give us one of the best albums of 2012 in Nightflight and a shortlister for best Australian video of the year in I’ll Change Your Mind, you continue to bring joy to people all across Australia – well, apart from that one grumpy cunt in Queensland, but hey! Nobody’s perfect! Anyway, Kate, great to catch up; I’m going to talk to the reader now.

Hey, you! Oh my God, I know, right? KMH just rocking up out of nowhere and just being lovely? How crazy is that! What do you mean, imaginary? It totally happened! Just then! Anyway, no time to argue semantics – have you seen the new video for Ride This Feeling? It’s a collaboration with Lucy Dyson, who is a very clever artist that has worked with the likes of GotyeSarah BlaskoJon Spencer Blues ExplosionThe Drones and Dan Kelly. Fucking impressive, right? Here, she brings her drawing and animation finesse to give a literal expression of Ride This Feeling‘s lyrics, right down to the surreal dream that Kate falls into around the second verse. It’s a spot-on collab, sweet and clever in equal measure. It’s only a matter of weeks before I get to see the lady in question again as a part of the Heavenly Sounds show in Sydney – and friend-of-the-blog Brendan Maclean is opening! AYFKM? So good! So yes, until then, immerse yourself in this.


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