Watch This Now: Major Lazer feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic – “Bubble Butt”

“I ain’t Snoop Dogg, but I’mma drop it like it’s hot…”

So, here is a collab that I didn’t see coming.  In the red corner: Mr. Eric Wareheim. Despite their show ending a couple of years back, Tim & Eric have been pretty busy lately. They still tour the T&E show – which I got to see on my 22nd birthday last year – and are busy working away as content creators for the new Jash network on YouTube, also featuring Reggie WattsMichael Cera and Sarah Silverman. Tim even found himself starring in what we thought was one of the best music videos of the yearDinosaur Jr.‘s Watch the Corners.

In the blue corner: Major Lazer. These two dancehall kings have been firing up their unmistakable style of booty-bouncing hard-edged dance-pop for a few years now, but have really taken off with the success of last year’s Get Free and their debut album, Free the Universe, which dropped just a month or two ago. Fittingly enough, Diplo also scored himself one of the best videos of 2012 in Express Yourself, which launched one of the bigger dance crazes of the past 12-18 months – no easy feat given both the Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style dropped within this period.

So, what happens when the beardy-weirdy gets his hands on this alternate reality of future-disco? Well, it’s as hilarious as you’d expect from Eric, as ridiculous as you’d expect from Major Lazer and as mental as you’d expect from the pair of them. Wareheim takes us into a world of bored Brooklyn hipsters, who are visited by some sort of bootylicious Godzilla. The monster pumps them full of… well… the goods; and then all hell breaks loose. Bubble Butt blows everything out to epic proportions, in the same way that Express Yourself did but in a far more knowing, satirical form. I’m borderline obsessed with this clip; and with any luck you’ll find yourself in the same situation.


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