Watch This Now: Andy Bull – “Keep On Running”

“The mark on the wall that you kick, when you fight in the dead of the night…”

Oh, hey! It’s Andy Bull! Y’know, Andy? Oh come on, he was everywhere for awhile. DogLast Waltz! Yeah, old mate. That’s the guy. Handsome fucker. Bachelor of The Year nominee. Piano man. Yeah, yeah, you’re catching my drift. He’s been on here before. Twice. And now he’s back! Yep, Bully Boy has got himself a brand new video. It’s pretty exciting stuff, really! Good to have him back.

What’s that? You want me to tell you about the video? Hmmm. Well, we might have some difficulty there. Y’see, I normally don’t admit to such things in such a blatant fashion, but I genuinely have no flippin’ idea what in actual shit is going on in this video. There’s a hunky dude in glasses who’s lifting weights in time with the song, some old lady stamping paper in time with the song, a birthday cake being blown out, a series of Babushka suitcases being packed an unpacked. My guess is AB has had a nice little acid trip and wrote down what happened – right down to the extras getting their lip-syncing wrong. I’m dazed and confused, people. But I’ll be damned if I’m not impressed. It all just tessellates. It meshes together beautifully. I’ll have what Andy’s having.


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  1. […] Bull, everyone! Yeah, he nailed the comeback single and video combination with the bizarre Keep on Running a little while back, and I guess he figured he could go two from two with the release of Baby I am […]

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