Watch This If You Dare: – “Bang Bang”

“And maybe that’s the truth, he clock can tick and ain’t no use…”

I more or less don’t need to do this. We’re all fully, fully aware of how much of a piece of shit is, right? Or, at the very least, what a piece of shit he has become. Guy had incredible potential on the first few Black Eyed Peas records, can’t deny that. Once we get into anything post-Elephunk, however… oooh boy. We’re in trouble. Big trouble, boss. Now that BEP are done, Billy Boy has decided to get up in our business with his solo album, #willpower. I’m not fucking kidding – that hashtag is A PART OF THE ALBUM TITLE. You know how I was giving shit to Jennifer Lopez about that just the other day? Yeah, at least she didn’t change her name to #JLo or some shit. Like, how weak is that? My god.

Anyway, on this little catastrophy he attempts to mix his obnoxious, booming electro beats with… ragtime? No, seriously? Oh yeah, he’s got dancers in tuxes, banjos, old-school choreography. What an absolute fucking mess this thing is. I have no idea exactly what he was trying to achieve here, but it’s a complete travesty. A car-crash in slow motion. I… I just can’t. I want to go on and on about it, but I just do NOT have the fucking energy. Just… just don’t do this, okay? Don’t. I mean it!

One response

  1. Uh yeah. Look I agree with you on the first part but that doesn’t mean I fully approve of your second point. I absolutely Will.I.Am’s big hit Bang Bang. It’s extraordinary. The contrast of 70’s jazz music and 21st century pop is breath taking. You just don’t know what comes next in the song because of the difference in music. One moment, it’s jazz next moment it’s this really awesome pop. Love the song.

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