Watch This If You Dare: Kerser – “Thank You”

“I know that feelin’, brah, coz I been there, too…”

Earlier today, we showed you the new video from The Lonely Island. It was hilarious. Intentionally hilarious. Right now, we’re going to share the new video from Western Sydney’s Kerser. It’s also hilarious, but not in the way TLI do it. You may be blissfully unaware of who this guy is and what he does, so allow us to bring you up to speed. Kerser is a rapper of sorts. He released a song – a real song – called Kerser is the Sickest. He did this to his face. His fans are lads and criminals – and that’s not just an assumption. His debut album, The Nebulizer, is the most stolen album from JB Hi-Fi; so much so that you can now only buy it over the counter. Along with 360, I put the blame squarely on people like Kerser for giving Australian hip-hop a bad name.

On this track, Kerser attempts to have his own Sing for the Moment on a D&M ballad. Naturally, it has to be raining in the video, so you can’t see Kerser crying over how deep it is. Sure, it’s just a guy with a hose, probably giving Kers a nice case of pneumonia, but doesn’t it look so EMOTIONAL? A bunch of footage from meet-and-greets show what kind of swamp-rats and bush-pigs follow this guy around, while the slow-mo “serious” shots are just too funny for words. Did I mention that he says “vice and versa” instead of “vice [vy-seh] versa” in the chorus, too? Probably dropped out in year 10 to smoke cones under the bridge and save up his dole cheques to buy a bum bag. Who needs to learn Latin? Latin’s for faggots!

There is one thing we can agree on: The lyric “Don’t look up to me/I’m fucked in the head.” The comments are filled with misguided, hateful little kids talking about how Kerser has saved their life. If you’re 16 and your boyfriend is in jail, your life wasn’t worth saving. Fuck this noise. Kerser and his fans will continue to be the lowest common denominator in Australian hip-hop. Am I allowed to say that? Of course! They don’t even know what common denominators are.


13 responses

  1. to me the lowest of cunts are the people who sit behind computers and type stories, calling his fans this and that, speak up to us when where out playing his music and be a man not a mouse sitting behind a computer. You hate him so bad you wrote this big story guess he fucked ur misses yea ?

  2. I like Kerser’s music. I don’t know him personally so I can’t be counted as a ‘lad’. I guess that only leaves me with the second option: ”criminal”. AWESOME!

    1. Amazed that you can afford both an internet connection AND all those polos and bumbags you have to buy.

  3. As a kerser fan. Fuck whoever wrote this 🙂

    1. Couldn’t afford me, dear. xx

  4. I put the blame squarely on people like davidjamesyoung for giving Australian hip-hop a bad name.

  5. I find this quite funny , why put down someone just because you dont like them? Maybe because hes more successful then you ? Youve never walked in his shoes or know what hes been through so why judge ? Makes you sick all the small minded people :/

  6. Fuck you gronk cunts, Kerser is the fucking sickest, sit behind your fucking computer screen you gimps cause that fucking legend is out there changing people lives and earning money through his music, fuck you cunts, if your not with the movement fuck off

    1. lol yes I agree kerser is the bomb and the sickest cunt ever

  7. Your fuckin pathedic kunt if i find you i will kill you dog

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