Watch This If You Dare: Falling in Reverse – “Alone”

“My haters talk shit, while washing dishes for a living…”

So, earlier this year we showed you guys the video for This is a War, by Melbourne mosh-dad Michael Crafter and his backing band of tattooed twinks known as Confession. At the time, I was genuinely convinced that we had found the absolute worst video of the year. Like, next level. Couldn’t possibly be anything worse… right? WRONG. WROOOO-OOOOOOOONG. For whatever reason, some fuckwit decided to take Ronnie Radke – former lead singer of cringe-worthy mid-2000s scenecore band Escape the Fate – out of prison and back into music. He’s got a new band called Falling in Reverse. That band has a new single. That single has a video… and THAT VIDEO IS THE WORST VIDEO OF 2013.

Seriously. Not even a new Braid Paisley and LL Cool J collaboration set to footage of Chris Benoit killing his family will be able to top this for worst video of the year. I’ve seen the future right here, and the future is horrible. Just horrible. Like, completely fucked. Ronnie normally sticks to a high-pitched whining sound that some may classify as singing. Here, he transmogrifies into a high-pitched grunting sound that some may classify as rapping. It doesn’t appear to be done with a trace of irony, either. From the awful haircut to the “rapping in front of a car” footage to hilariously contrived MAWSH BREAKDOWN shots (watch what the rest of the band does while RR busts out his rhymes without their accompaniment)… oh man. Oh! And he also does the “loser” signal the wrong way. It’s a backwards L with your left hand, you dumb fuck.

This is inexcusable. It’s hilarious. But completely inexcusable. This is The Room of moshcore videos. Have fun with it.

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